The Sexy Brutale Walkthrough – How to Solve the Murder of Willow Blue

A guide to preventing the murder of the third guest in the ingenious puzzle game.

A guide to preventing the murder of the third guest in the ingenious puzzle game.

The Sexy Brutale is a deliciously dark murder mystery, where only you — Lafcadio Boone — can help stop numerous party guests from meeting their grisly ends. The puzzles start off fairly simple, but will soon require you to use a combination of acquired powers and the unique time travel mechanic to help save the attendees.

The third victim you need to save is Willow Blue. This is a little different as it’s a suicide, but it’s instigated by a nefarious demon who has bewitched the poor guest. It also requires you to restart the day a few times to ensure you have all the information you need. Don’t worry — this guide will walk you through all the steps!

Solving the Murder of Willow Blue in The Sexy Brutale

Firstly, go to the room marked below with the bloody shield and hide in the wardrobe.


Trinity will eventually turn up along with one of the staff at around 2:25pm. By using your new power (i.e. holding R2 on your controller) you’ll be able to listen to the staff member’s whispering and obtain the door code. If you miss it, don’t worry. Trinity will come back in and also whisper it, giving you a second chance to catch it.



Go to the room to the left of this one (see the bloody shield on the map), and use the code on the door there.



Once through, head upstairs and make your way to the room with the big fish in the tank.



You’ll see a winding key on the floor — grab this, and then move to the room with the grandfather clock to save your game. Don’t forget to use your pocket watch on the clock too, to ensure future restarts begin here!



You now need to find Willow’s body in this room:



Just before Willow hangs herself, she drops a bone key. You’ll see it marked with a yellow circle — grab this, because it’s important.



Now move to Willow’s study (marked by the bloody shield) and use the bone key on the odd desk.



Inside is a recipe for the hungry charm, an item you may have come across earlier. Don’t worry if you had no idea about its use — that will be explained shortly.



The map will also point out where you need to feed the hungry charm. But first you need to discover the location of the secret passage that you’ll ultimately use the charm on. Since too much time has passed, you need to restart time (press L1 on the controller), and reset to 12pm. 

As soon as the day begins again, head to the corridor adjacent to the room with the paintings in it.



Spy into the painting room, and you’ll eventually see Willow open the skull painting and head in.



You’re almost done. Restart the day again, and immediately head to the room left of your starting point. Collect the hungry charm on the floor.



Now go to the first recipe location marked on your map — “Hungry Charm First Meal” — and use the hungry charm on the fish in the right-hand tank.



Then go to the location marked “Hungry Charm Second Meal” and use the hungry charm on the big tank there too. 



The charm is ready! Quickly head over to the painting room, head through the secret door and use the charm on the spooky door.



Go inside, and up the stairs. You’ll see the fish tank is constantly supplied with water.



All you need to do is wait for Willow to come in and light the candle, and as soon as she does, turn the wheel to move the pipe over — it will extinguish it a few seconds later.



Congratulations! The brainwashing ritual is broken, and Willow is free from its spell. You’ve now earned a new mask which will allow you to speak with the many ghosts roaming the mansion. Three of the murders in The Sexy Brutale are solved, but you’re far from done…

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