The Sims 3: Into The Future Walkthrough – Triggering & Exploring Utopia

After surviving dystopia, we get onto turning Oasis Landing into a utopia!

In this part my exploration of The Sims 3: Into the Future, we look at triggering Utopia, and then how to repair the timeline to the “normal” future, thus completing both “Made the Most of My Time” LTW and “The Time Keeper” legacy statue. 

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Part 1 (of 2) of my video supplement for this walkthrough.

Triggering Utopia 

Once back in the present, use your Almanac of Time and select “Trigger Event” for the appropriate version of the future. Remember, if this is your first time triggering an alternative future, in order to do so you must have a minimum of level 1 for your Advanced Technology skill. NB If you’ve come back from the future, make sure you’ve cleared any other active opportunities from Emit in order to receive these ones.

Then, follow the opportunities as follows:

  1. Measure Cheerfulness – Whilst the opportunity says you’ve been given a device “cobbled together”, nothing will show up in your inventory. Go up to three Sims and you’ll see a new interaction, “Measure Cheerfullness”. You do not need to build up any relationship with Sims for this to be succesful.
  2. Dew Yourself! – You’ll then find three vials of “Mysterious Black Dew” in your inventory, and an opportunity where you’ll need to use it on yourself. Click on the stack directly and select the option to “Use Dew On Self”. You’ll then have your Sim change into a random colour, and received a nice moodlet that gives you +10 mood for 3 hours.
  3. Dew Onto Others… –  Next, you need to use the dew on six other sims. This is not an interaction like when measuring cheerfulness. To use dew on others, go into your inventory and click on the stack of dews, select “Use Dew On Sim” and then select any Sim from the list. Again, you do not have to build relationships for this to be succesful.
  4. Release Dew Into Atmosphere – Lastly, a simple and quick rabbit hole event. Go to the Military Base, and get them to release dew into the atmosphere. 

Exploring Utopia 

For completing both the “Made the Most of My Time” LTW, and “The Time Keeper” Legacy Statue, you don’t have to hang around long. But if you do, whilst there really isn’t as much to explore here compared to dystopia, here are the main things to look out for are as follows.

Dew Fight

This works like a water balloon fight, except you use dew. You don’t have to have any dew in your inventory to initiate one. Just find the interaction option on a Sim, or click on the ground: just like you would a water balloon fight. You’ll get all the benefits of being dew-ed (skin change colour and +10 moodlet) whilst building your “fun” need simultaneously.

Giant Flowers

Although these might look a bit like Triffids, they’re actually harmless! You can click on these and select “Collect Dew” to collect various numbers of specific coloured vials of dew to use on yourself and others. NB The colour of the flower does not denote the colour of dew that you’ll get from it. The colours are always random.

Rainbow Dew

If you’re lucky enough to get a vial of Rainbow Dew from a giant flower, whilst using it won’t change your skin colour, it will give you a moodlet called “Rainbow Wretching”. If you don’t mind that it gives you a negative mood stat, and causes actions to be interrupted whilst you go and throw-up, it hilariously makes your vomit rainbow coloured!

Random Actions of Kindness

Apart from all the other Sims walking around goofily, there’s also spontaneous self-hugging and silly waving.


If you’ve changed the future to utopia after changing it to dystopia, you’ll still get the random meteor strikes in utopia. This is a real shame, as it means you can’t really stay outside for too long at the risk of being hit and possible killed by a meteor. Haven’t figured out how to get around this yet, but hopefully a fix for the bug will come out soon. 

Part 2 of my video supplement for this walkthrough.

Repairing the Timeline 

To complete “The Time Keeper” Legacy Statue, or have just gotten bored with utopia/dystopia, you can repair the timeline to return the future to the normal state. Again, trigger the opportunity to do so from selecting the option from you Almanac of Time.

Changing from Utopia to Normal

Easy enough, go back to the Military Base and replace the dew sample that they’ve released into the atmosphere. Then, you’ll be able to travel back to a normal future. 

Changing from Dystopia to Normal

This is a two-part quest. First, a quick rabbit hole event at the Science Facility, where you’ll attend an anti-apocalypse meeting. Then, speak to four Sims to convince them that the sky isn’t falling and everything is okay. Again, the interaction can be found just by clicking any Sim, and there’s no requirement to build a relationship with them for it to be successful. 

“Made the Most of My Time” LTW/”The Time Keeper” Legacy Statue 

You must return back to the normal future for these to complete. Before you do so, make sure you’re best friends with Emit. As I noticed you get significant gains to your relationship with him just for accepting his opportunities, this shouldn’t have been too difficult. However, if not, I’d highly recommend using the time portal to summon him and build up that last bit of relationship. 

This is because there is a BUG where sometimes the LTW will not fullfil, even though you’ve done everything correctly. I’d go as far in taking the precaution to make sure he’s your best friend before even initiating repairing the timeline. 

From what I’ve noticed, this bug doesn’t affect getting the legacy statue, just completing the LTW. No idea how to fix it. Hopefully this will be patched soon. 

Next Time…

Next time we’ll look at the “High Tech Collector” LTW, whilst simultaneously looking at the new Astronomer career.

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