This guide shows you how to beat Warden Garcia and get the MG Jackknife Pro and A.I.D Nightfall Arm Gear Schematic.

The Surge 2: How to Beat Warden Garcia

This guide shows you how to beat Warden Garcia and get the MG Jackknife Pro and A.I.D Nightfall Arm Gear Schematic.

Action RPGs with brutal, unforgiving combat are known for extremely difficult boss fights, and The Surge 2 is no exception. With that in mind, let’s go over how to beat Warden Garcia and get the MG Jackknife Pro and A.I.D Nightfall Arm Gear Schematic.

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Don’t smash your keyboard or controller to pieces yet, though. With a little pre-planning and some knowledge of his attack patterns, Warden Garcia doesn’t have to be a frustrating boss fight.

How to Beat Warden Garcia in The Surge 2

Recommended Loadout and Gear

Getting the Automatic Inject-Charger implant

  • Weapon: Salvaged Gouger (upgrade to Mk. II)
  • Minimum Stamina: 160
  • Minimum Battery Efficiency: 106%

At this stage in the game, your weapon, equipment, and implant options will be very limited. While the heavy-duty Equalizer or the one-handed Empty INF Lab-Chassis sword can both be viable, the speed of the Salvaged Gouger spear works best for this battle. That’s because you want to be nimble enough to fire off quick combos before jumping out of harm’s way.

The stats listed above are the bare minimum to get this fight without taking damage or repeatedly healing. Obviously, if you want to grind components in the armory, evidence room, and Cell Block B, you can potentially upgrade your gear and weapons even further.

Make sure to pick up and install the Automatic Inject-Charger implant in the hallway before the boss fight!

Since you’ll still be learning the mechanics at this point, it is incredibly helpful to have your battery automatically charge a medi-voltaic healing injection so you have some healing ready to go after landing enough hits.

Fighting Warden Garcia in The Surge 2

How to Defeat Warden Garcia Quickly

This battle takes place before you get your drone, so you have to take the Warden down the old fashioned way, which means upgrading your equipment, finding the right body part to hit, and memorizing the warden’s attack patterns.

When the battle starts, immediately lock onto the Warden’s left arm, which is his only unarmored body part.

Stand in the entryway, then dodge to the left when he leaps at you, which lets you learn his jump distance and attack speed.

Immediately turn around and land a 4- to 6-hit combo with the spear’s primary attack. While the spear’s secondary attack does more damage, it’s harder to aim and has a longer animation, so you won’t be able to land a combo for increased damage and battery charging.

After the combo is over, leap backwards so you can gauge the attack time of the Warden when in close combat.

The point of this first move is to learn exactly how many hits you can get in while dodging out of harm’s way, as you’ll need to repeat this process several times.

From here, you want more space to maneuver, so run in a circle around the main section of the room and let the Warden’s drone shoot the shelving to remove them as obstacles.

Warden Garcia’s Attacks

Now it’s time to get into the groove of the battle, so be on the lookout for each of these attacks, and make sure to get in a combo before leaping out of the way after each one:

  • Large leap with longer recovery time
  • Short leap followed by immediately throwing one firebomb directly in front of the Warden’s current position
  • Double slash when you are in close melee range
  • Throwing a spread of five bombs that explode in a line

For the final attack type, dodging toward or away from Warden Garcia is usually the best bet.

Due to the wide spread, you are unlikely to avoid the bombs by dodging left or right, unless you are already far enough away to be on the very edge of the farthest bomb’s landing point.

How to Get a No-Hit Win Against Warden Garcia

If you are going for a no-hit win, don’t attack when the drone’s red laser is out at all, as its too easy to accidentally get shot during an attack animation.

Don’t forget that unlike the shelving, the stone pillars completely negate the laser-sighted gun attack from the drone.

If you are having problems dealing with both the Warden and the drone at the same time, moving in a circular pattern around one pillar or a figure-8 pattern around both pillars for the duration of the fight can make the battle more predictable and less dangerous.

Once you’ve got the attack types down, repeat the process of landing your 4- to 6-hit combo, then dodging out of the way and running in a circle around the room until the laser gunfire stops. Rinse and repeat until the Warden goes down.

Warden Garcia defeated in The Surge 2.

How to Get the MG Jackknife Pro and A.I.D Nightfall Arm Gear Schematic

However, if you want to unlock the MG Jackknife Pro weapon and the goliath class A.I.D Nightfall Arm Gear schematic, you need to target his armored right arm and eventually sever it.

This takes a lot longer as you’ll deal half damage, but the strategy is otherwise the same. Going this route also unlocks The Surge 2’s High Performance achievement/trophy.


That’s everything you need to know about beating Warden Garcia. If you want to know how to beat more bosses in The Surge 2, beat sure to bookmark our guides page for the game.

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