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The Talos Principle 2: How to Solve the Second Set of Megastructure Puzzles

Another set of challenges await in this massive pyramid in The Talos Principle 2.

More tasks can be found in the bowels of a giant building of unknown origin. Our guide discusses how to solve the second set of Megastructure puzzles in The Talos Principle 2, so you can finally return to New Jerusalem.

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How to Solve the Second Set of Megastructure Puzzles in The Talos Principle 2

You can solve the second set of Megastructure puzzles in The Talos Principle 2 by navigating the gravity-shifting floors and activating the beam cannons. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Similar to the first set of puzzles in this pyramid, you’ll need to clear the objectives in another quadrant. This time, though, the objectives are in the north: Desolate Island, Flooded Valley, and Lost Marshes.
  • You still need to use Tetromino bridges to cross gaps. As I mentioned in a previous guide, I relied more on trial and error for these parts.
  • Another factor you need to take note of is that there are now gravity-shifting floors. Basically, there are walls that you could walk on, which will then cause the entire landscape to rotate. It can get a bit discombobulating at first, though I reckon you’d be able to manage after a short while.
  • As a funny aside, I suggest trying the game’s Photo Mode function. The perspective will rotate based on your angle or orientation relative to the map, leading to some trippy screenshots.

Red Beam Puzzle Solution

There’s no puzzle related to the red beam, as far as I can tell. When I got to this part, Byron simply activated the red beam cannon automatically.

Blue Beam Puzzle Solution

Here’s what you need to do for the blue beam cannon:

  • Have the Accumulator gain a red charge via the light source, then target the red receptacle.
  • Grab the Inverter and link it with the red light source so it switches to the blue color.
  • Have the Accumulator gain the blue light and target the blue receptacle with its laser.

Green Beam Puzzle Solution

There are several devices and only one light source (i.e. red beam) in this area:

  • Use the Connector to target the red receptacle.
  • Use the Inverter to target the blue receptacle.
  • This reveals a Driller and a green light source.
  • Use the Driller to bore a hole through the weakened wall at the back.
  • Take the Connector and link it with the green light source and the green receptacle.

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to solve the second set of Megastructure puzzles in The Talos Principle 2. Head to the next area to watch a cutscene. The events that unfold here also cause your team to return to New Jerusalem, in case you missed some stuff earlier in the game. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our Talos 2 guides hub.

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