The Top Gaming Mice: Where Do You Start?

Having a good gaming mouse can make a huge difference in your gameplay: find out which one fits you.

Having a good gaming mouse can make a huge difference in your gameplay: find out which one fits you.
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So what is the best gaming mouse out there? Well it’s really kind of impossible to say that any one mouse is “the best.” However, there are certain criteria that many people are not aware of that can make a particularly great gaming mouse. Many people often also think that a mouse is a mouse is a mouse… but when you really get down to it, the amount of variability between a purpose-built mouse and a typical Dell mouse is immense. 

Nowadays there are generally two types of computer mice: optical (or LED) sensors and laser sensors. It is often argued the laser mice have superior tracking capabilities, yet sometimes they are plagued by jumpy tracking during high intensity moments. 

One of the main ways to distinguish a good gaming mouse from a sub-par one is the DPI (dots per inch). Effectively what this translates to is more accurate tracking as this number increases (for more information please visit this page). Along with DPI, we also need to take into consideration customization, durability, and design appeal. However, different games and gaming personalities do desire different features on a gaming

MMORPGs & The Like

For games like these, gamers often times want a great deal of customization. This includes varying weights in the mice, programmable buttons near the thumb and fingers, or even custom molding to fit one’s hand. These days it is virtually commonplace to expect 6-12 programmable buttons on the higher end gaming mice with easy key mapping capabilities. Allowing the users to map vital character abilities right on the mouse is vital. DPI is also important, but arguably less than for an FPS or MOBA because the accuracy of the mouse is not necessarily as vital in these games.

Comfort and design are also key here because MMO players often times spend more hours in their games than a full-time job. With all of these in mind my two picks for the best MMORPG mice are the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse and the RAZER Naga Molten Special Edition Gaming Mouse.

Logitech G600



I chose the G600 because it comes with a whopping 20 programmable buttons and can fit hands from small to decently large (sorry ogres, you’re out of luck on this one). I chose the Naga Molten Edition because, not only is it visually stunning, but you can expect 5600 DPI (massive!), and 17 programmable buttons with a very slick and easy to use mapping client. 

Both of these companies are notorious for quality (and sometimes overpriced) hardware with excellent warranties.


Regarding the FPS/MOBA and similarly intensive games, we really need to consider two things: mouse feel, and DPI/responsiveness. Obviously, the higher the level of accuracy we can get with these mice, the better. Most FPS players and MOBA players as well don’t need a ton of programmable buttons either, however they do need durable mice.

My picks for the top two FPS/MOBA mice really take into account DPI and durability. The first pick is the RAZER DeathAdder. Although there may be a lot of stigma against RAZER (for being overpriced and too flashy) I have been loyal for several years as have my roommates. The DeathAdder is exceptional with its 6400 DPI and sleek yet minimalist appeal. The tracking capability is wonderful and the material used to cover the mouse is perfect for people who don’t want their mice to slip out of their hand in an intense moment. It also sports 5 programmable buttons, which is often more than enough for FPS players and just the right amount of MOBA players.

RAZER DeathAdder


My other pick for top FPS/MOBA mouse is the ROCCAT Kone. Now I don’t have a ton of experience with the ROCCAT brand, but this mouse really struck be due to its enormous 8200 DPI. This mouse also sports a 32-bit Turbo Core V2 processor that makes the tracking perfectly seamless. The design is clean with 7 programmable buttons and plenty of onboard memory for key mapping.

I hope you enjoyed this verdict of top gaming mice. Feel free to share your suggestions on the gaming mice that fit your play styles!

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