Complete Arknights Codes List (August 2023)

Get more Orundum, LMD and other resources to boost your Operators.

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In Arknights, you control operatives of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical company set on wiping out Oripathy, a deadly disease ravishing the world. So focused are you, that you even employ some of the Infected on your mission to understand it. As a gacha game, you can pull for over 260 characters that comprise your team and upgrade them with a variety of resources. If you find you need more upgrade materials, or more currency for pulls, redeem the following codes for help.

Active Arknights Codes

  • Currently none active!

Expired Arknights Codes

  • GWSIX6JJA25P4QEK: Furniture Parts x200, Strategic Battle Records x10, LMD x20,000, Orundum x1,200
  • 4G6MOP2AW
  • TK3FJ1UXE07
  • 6HWIR45E27
  • 7950HQG4B
  • IU2CJ0VRL5
  • YJHGD8K15Q3

How to Redeem Codes for Arknights

There are two methods that can be used to redeem codes for Arknights, online via the website or in game. If redeemed on the website, your rewards will be sent to your in game mailbox where you can claim them next time you play.

Website Redemption

In Game Redemption

  • Launch Arknights
  • Navigate to the Shop
  • Select Gift
  • Enter code and confirm

If you receive an error message, the code may have already expired. It could also be misspelled, have a space at the front or end of the code from copy and pasting or is in the wrong case. Confirm that everything is accurate with no hidden spaces and confirm again. If you still get an error the code most likely expired or you previously claimed it.

That’s it for this month’s Arknight‘s codes. Check in next month for an updated list of them to get your fill of freebies.

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