The Witcher 3 Romance Guide

If you want to romance every lovely lady of The Wither 3: The Wild Hunt, you're going to need help to find your way through its romantic mine fields.

When designing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red wanted to create a mature game for a mature audience. So naturally sex and romance is a big part of the game. The studio captured 16 hours of mo-cap footage to make sure every erotic scene in the game looked as realistic as possible. All of that effort paid off in the end with a fantastic mix of steamy scenes that neither Geralt nor players will forget - if they can find them that is.

If players want to romance all of the beautiful ladies in Geralt's life, they are going to have to walk through a minefield of dialogue options. You must tread carefully, or you'll end up on Triss and Yennefer's bad side like poor Geralt in the video up above. So we've put together this handy guide to help you wind your way through that minefield into Triss's heart, and everyone else's.

1. Keira Metz

Keira is the first woman that Geralt can romance in the game after a finishing up a few side quests and weaving through a short dialogue. Players will have to hold off on meeting Keira until after completing the main quests Hunting a Witch and Wandering in the Dark. After that Keira will invite Geralt to her home where she'll ask for his help on a new quest, A Tower Full of Mice.

After clearing Fyke Isle of the curse plaguing it, you'll want to stick around until Keira comes to talk with you. She'll ask Geralt to go on another quest for her, A Favor for a Friend, to track down a package in  Hangman's Alley. Hunting down the postman with Geralt's Witcher sense, you can snag Keira's package to deliver yourself.

Finally Keira will challenge Geralt to a race. Players can use a laundry list of shortcuts to win and move onto the final piece of the puzzle. After winning, Keira will offer three dialogue options:

  • Lust - use your Witcher’s Sense to follow Keira and reap the rewards
  • Resist - tell Keira that the time is not righ
  • Loyalty - tell her that Geralt’s heart belongs to someone else

Choose lust for a moonlit night of romance with Keira and learn a bit about astronomy.

2. Triss Merigold

Triss and Geralt have been through everything imaginable together during The Witcher series. He's saved her life countless times and she helped him recover his memories. In the Witcher 3, players can keep that relationship going if they can wiggle their way through a long list of quests and tricky dialogue choices. Things kick off after they're reunited in the city of Novigrad, where Triss asks for Geralt's help.

Players will have to complete two quests, starting with A Matter of Life and Death, where they will help Triss get two mage friends to safety.

During the course of that quest, Geralt and Triss will be stuck at a masquerade ball waiting for their contact. Players have to start romancing Triss there. Before leaving the masquerade ball, you have to kiss her and then move onto the next quest in her storyline, Now or Never.

During Now or Never, players have to help keep Triss' mage friends safe from a pack of Witch Hunters as they make their escape from Novigrad. After the enemies are gone, Triss will say she plans to leave with them unless Geralt asks her to stay. You have to tell Triss that you love her and stick to the "nice" dialogue options, which will end in a passionate scene at a lighthouse and a very confused bunch of mages.

3. Yennefer

If you've played previous Witcher titles then you know that Yennefer and Geralt have a complicated past. She's still a big part of Geralt's life in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, where you can have steamy meeting with her - not once, but twice - if you jump through all of the right hoops. Everything gets underway during the quest The King is Dead: Long Live the King.

At the start of the quest head into Yennefer's room at the Old Port Inn, using your Witcher senses to choose an outfit. Make sure to pick the black and white one. After getting dressed you'll follow Yennefer to Kaer Trolde Keep, where you will be challenged to a race by Cerys that you'll want to decline. Simply keep following Yennefer through the keep, asking her about the Mask of Uroboros until you a reach a new area past the balcony and head down stairs. You'll wind up in a room full of stuffed animals. There, use your Witcher senses to find a secret room filled with live animals that you have to kill.

That will open up a new door to a laboratory where you will have to find these items:

  • A letter on a sideboard
  • Ermion’s pipe
  • A Tales of the Wild Hunt book
  • A cup of dwarven mead
  • Boiling casks
  • One wooden goat
  • A tiny human skull
  • Ermion’s magic wand
  • One pine cone
  • A sword stuck inside of a stone
  • A giant statue

After that, Yennefer will find the Mask of Uroboros and unleash an Earth Elemental that Geralt will have to contend with. Destroying it will cause the lab to start filling with gas. Grab a hold of Yennefer and tell her you want to kiss her to have her teleoport both of back to her room. Back in her room, tell her you wouldn't mind watching her change her clothes to start your first intimate encounter with her.

Yennefer Second Encounter

If you romance Yennefer during The King is Dead: Long Live the King quest, you'll be able to spend a few more intimate minutes with her during No Place Like Home. All you have to do to complete the second encounter is head into the Kaer Morhen Main Hall to hear the conversation there. After that, pop into the kitchen with Eskel. Then head back to see Yennefer, who is planning to leave. Stop her by talking with her about the Wild Hunt. After that you can ask to go up to her room with her for a nightcap.

4. Jutta An Dimun

If you want to spend a night with the battle hardened Jutta, you first have to complete the Iron Maiden side-quest. After that you will have to track Jutta down, going from Faroe Village of Ringvold and taking the eastern path through the mountains. That will lead to the sparring grounds for the Skellige Warriors, where you need to challenge Jutta to a sword fight.

Whether or not she accepts your challenge depends on two of your earlier actions. She will accept right away if you killed the leader of the slavers during the Flesh for Sale quest or beat Einar of Faroe. If you haven't done either of these things, you'll have to jump through a couple hoops before she'll fight. Jutta will demand you either kill Gundar of Ringvold or retrieve a sword from the ocean. Retrieving the sword is an easy task with your Witcher senses.

Finally, all you have to do is beat the lovely Jutta in a sword fight. Thankfully she's not a sore loser, and offers Geralt the chance to spend the night in her bed.

5. Madame Sasha

Madame Sasha might sound like an easy lady to get into bed, but this madame won't simply pass her room key to Geralt without a bit of fun first. If you want to spend a night with her you'll have to complete Gwent: High Stakes. The first step of that quest is to check out the Notice Board for an invitation to Novigard's Brothel, Passiflora, to join Count Tybalt's Gwent Tournament. There you'll need 1,000 crowns and a deck worth 70 tournament points (no one said it would be easy).

You'll first be pitted against Bernard Tulle, who you need to defeat to continue the quest. Following your win, Madame Sasha tasks Geralt with stealing Tybalt's Treasure. Once that's done, you'll need to beat Sasha in the Gwent and find Finneas. Winning the Gwent will win Geralt County Tybalt's congratulations and a challenge you can accept if you want.

Once that's all said and done, take off with Sasha to try and find your rewards...only to find a corpse with your Witcher senses. That will lead to instructions from Sasha to find Bernard and his cronies, who Geralt can put down with ease.

After teaching Bernard a painful lesson, meet up with Sasha at the Cantarella in the Kingfisher Inn, where she will offer passionate reward for all your effort.

Remember to Be Safe with Your New Friends-with-Benefits

There you have a break down of all the most intimate scenes of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - other than the prostitutes of Crippled Kate's Whorehouse and Harlots Of Passiflora. Those ladies of the night only ask for 20 and 40 Crowns each for a night passion. Even those scenes will surprise you with the depth they have to offer. It proves how much effort CD Projekt Red put into making their latest Witcher title all that it could be.