The Wolf Among Us Episode 1: Faith Crime Scene Walkthrough

A quick overview of the crime scene sequence from the first episode of Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us.
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In The Wolf Among Us, you play as Sheriff Bigby the martial leader of a group of Fabled figures. Near the beginning of the first episode, you encounter the decapitated head of a Fable (one of the storybook creatures.) At this point, she has not been identified other than your initial interaction with her and the Woodsman in the opening scene. 

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Now her head has ended up on the doorstep of your home, having been found there by Snow White. 

This scene is an investigation, and this is a quick walkthrough of the relevant items that you find there. 

The Head

The head is the first part of the scene you’ll want to look at. Clicking on the eye gives you a bit of exposition on the placement of the head. After all, she wasn’t killed at this location– meaning someone had to drop her off here. 

The click on the mouth will talk about the ribbon that stuck there. This is the same ribbon that she was wearing around her neck earlier, except that it has a sigil ring tied to the end. The ring will go into your inventory.

The neck click will talk about the severity of the injury and how the wound had to be inflicted with a weapon that was very sharp, or possessed magic. 

The Sidewalk

Snow will ask you if you want to leave or continue investigating. There are still places to investigate if you want to, and you’ll need to select “investigate more” if you would like to continue.

You’ll want to go right at this point. 

To the right is a blood trail, which you can stop and look at as well as touch. The blood is relatively fresh, about an hour. Once you reach the end of the walk way, there is scrap of fabric. You’ll want to look at and pick the fabric up. Bigby determines that the fabric is jean like material, and picking it up will put it in your inventory. 

The Alleyway

At the end of the sidewalk and up there is a trashcan and iron fence. Opening the trashcan will not give you any clues, but the top of the fence is covered in blood. 

When you get back to Snow, you can compare the fabric to the fabric on her skirt. This will not reveal any more clues. 

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