These Tree of Savior addons are must-haves for any adventurer

Tree of Savior's addon community is growing! And these addons are more than worth the download.

Tree of Savior's addon community is growing! And these addons are more than worth the download.
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Not every MMO offers addon support but Tree of Savior is the latest in the long list of those that have over the years–and the community is really stepping it up in providing useful addons for the playerbase.

A handful of members of the Tree of Savior community have been sliding out addons since early-to-mid Exclusive Access onto the game’s subreddit and more are jumping in the ring to bring further improvements to the game. It’s nice to have the old school grinding experience but many of these addons bring such convenient features it’s hard not to recommend them.

The Tree of Savior addon community primarily shares their work via GitHub. The links here will be to their GitHub pages so you can download the most recent versions. What’s listed here certainly isn’t all there is out there and the community is constantly adding new addons to their repertoire. I highly recommend keeping an eye on the game’s subreddit for up and coming addons.

Addon creator Excrulon contacted IMC Games and inquired about the use of addons, which IMC Games stated were fine to use as long as they are not hacks, exploiting, or excessive data mining. These addons are safe to download and use.

When in doubt about installation, read the readme files!

Tree of Savior Lua Mods from Excrulon

GitHub info and download link

Excrulon was the first addon creator in the community and his addons are pretty much staples for dedicated players.

This pack includes:

  • An experience viewer that shows detailed EXP gain information such as EXP per hour and estimated time to level
  • A map fog viewer that shows where else you have to explore in a map
  • More detailed monster info frames
  • Monster kill tracking for the Adventure Journal
  • Improved player tooltips

It’s not hard to see why so many use this pack, and it comes with a dependency lua other addons require.

TOS-lua from Miei

GitHub info and download link

A newer but also popular addon pack, this one’s features are less obvious than Excrulon’s. This one includes:

  • Chat customization from colors and size to time stamps
  • A display to show which in-game music track is playing
  • FPS counter remover
  • The ability to dim the overlay map’s grey background
  • The ability to hide pet names and HP bars
  • A change to how numbers are displayed–finally commas at thousands
  • The ability to toggle duel requests

The chat customization is a huge draw to Miei’s addons but the other features are nothing to sniff at, either.

LKChat and LKChannel from Lemon King

If you want a different chat overhaul addon, Lemon King’s LKChat may be for you–and his LKChannel is just useful for everybody.

LKChat (link here) not only functions as a chat overhaul addon but also finally gives you the ability to simultaneously block and report other players at the same time. Crazy useful but cannot be used with Miei’s chat addon.

KLChannel (link here) does one thing and one only: displays the amount of players in each channel. This is invaluable, especially while the game is so new. There’s no reason not to download this one.

Bandicam Remove Watermark from WatchGintama

GitHub info and download link

You may have noticed the F12 key begins recording in-game, and that’s nice enough. What’s not nice is the Bandicam watermark, and with this mod it’s a thing of the past. This addon removes the Bandicam watermark just as advertised.

Pretty much a great download for anyone who wants to record their gameplay via the in-game function.

BetterQuest from rickgibbed

Download link

This is the one mod here that isn’t on GitHub, but it’s worth the download.

BetterQuest displays quests you are eligible for, from those below your level to those 10 levels above. If you’re a completionist, this is a must have.

The small pool of Tree of Savior addons is growing by the day and the ones listed here, while useful, are by no means the only ones out there. It’s hard to complain about the quality of life changes these addons bring about, though–and it’s incredibly difficult to play the game without them once you do.

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