Thief (2014) – A Guide to Shady Merchant Trinkets

The Shady Merchant sells a variety of trinkets that will allow Garret to walk softer, live longer, and pay less while he's at it. Which ones should you buy first?

The Shady Merchant sells a variety of trinkets that will allow Garret to walk softer, live longer, and pay less while he's at it. Which ones should you buy first?

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Playing through the story will get you all the weapons you will probably need… but at a much higher cost, and with a lot less loot available. But where’s the fun in that? 

The following are some of the extra trinkets you can pick up from the Shady Merchant that can help you steal faster, live longer, and fight harder.

The Shady Merchant and his location

There are a variety of trinkets that the Shady Merchant (located just outside the door of the Crippled Burrick) can sell to you. None of the other salesmen scattered around the city can sell you tools or upgrades – only resources/consumables.

Please note that not all of these trinkets will be available for purchase right away (and to be fair, you wouldn’t be able to afford most of them right from the beginning anyway). 

Basso’s Bond

  • Available after Chapter 1
  • Costs 750 G
  • Reduces cost of Resources by 25%

This can be quite handy to pick up for all playstyles, since it helps keep costs down for all of the arrows you’ll be using throughout your explorations, whether they are being used in combat or not. However it can be quite pricey so I would highly recommend picking up your tools first (see A Guide to Shady Merchant Toolsafter Chapter 1.

Note: This discount is reflected in the cost of resources/consumables only. It will not apply to upgrades, unfortunately.

Grinning Salt

  • Available after Chapter 1
  • Costs 375 G
  • Increases the health benefits of eating food

This trinket will increase how much health you regain from eating food. It is handy for aggressive Predators and Opportunists, and is much cheaper than trying to purchase the Leather Hardening (see A Guide to Shady Merchant Upgradesright away in the earlier Chapters. 

Troy’s Satchel

  • Available after Chapter 1
  • Costs 1299 G
  • Increases carrying capacity of poppies and food by 2

This increased carrying capacity will allow Garrett to carry up to 7 of each, which can be useful for all playstyles. However, it can be expensive, so I would recommend holding off on buying this trinket, particularly in the early Chapters.

You will find Food and Poppies scattered liberally around the levels (a lot more so than arrows at any rate) and you can conserve your Focus energy by simply pulsing it (tapping it on and off) while looking around.

Moss Quiver

  • Available after Chapter 1
  • Costs 325 G
  • Broadhead and Sawtooth arrows produce no sound on impact

This upgrade is exceptionally useful for stealth Predators, particularly when taking out snipers in high places (just make sure their bodies don’t fall anywhere visible!). I recommend buying this after about Chapter 3.

Embersage Oil

  • Available after Chapter 1
  • Costs 170 G
  • Reduces the amount of damage taken from burning and traps

This is useful for all playstyles, although I would suggest perhaps the most necessary even if it is relatively cheaper. Between quicksaving and being stealthy, most players should not have to rely very heavily on this trinket.

Crosswind Medallion

  • Available after Chapter 1
  • Costs 140 G
  • Reduces the chance of being hit by enemy projectiles

These include arrows and throwing darts. Handy for both aggressive Predators and Opportunists, this could mean the difference between escape and death while in those few critical seconds of escaping through a grate or picking that last tumbler.

Lucky Coin

  • Available after Chapter 2
  • Costs 290 G
  • Increases maximum focus

This is handy for all playstyles, but largely depends how much and how often you rely on Focus. 

Warm Vest

  • Available after Chapter 3
  • Costs 385 G
  • Increases max health

Best for aggressive Predators and some Opportunists, this in conjunction with damage-reducing upgrades and trinkets will help Garrett weather combat and environmental mistakes alike.

Doctor’s Orders

  • Available after Chapter 3
  • Costs 155 G
  • Increases the amount of Focus restoration when poppies are consumed

Useful for all playstyles, but it depends on how much and how often you use your Focus abilities. It is likely that you will be using more of them as you progress through the Chapters and can afford new abilities from the Queen of Beggars. 

Blackwing Feathers

  • Available after Chapter 4
  • Costs 3500 G
  • Increases the damage inflicted by Broadhead and Sawtooth arrows

Best for aggressive and stealth Predators alike, this trinket is deadly when combined with the Moss Quiver.

Ovengut Tonic Water

  • Available after Chapter 4
  • Costs 9800 G
  • Increases max health and Focus energy

You should have a fair amount of gold by this time to spend on extra upgrades and trinkets. This is a good idea for all playstyles in order to stay on even footing with your enemies. 


  • Available after Chapter 6
  • Costs 28000 G
  • Greatly increases max health and Focus energy

Similar to Ovengut Tonic Water, this will max out your health and Focus – although it will certainly cost a pretty penny. Useful for all playstyles

Spectral Aspect

  • Available after Chapter 6
  • Cost 28000 G
  • Greatly reduces chances of being seen by enemies

Incredibly expensive, this will allow you to sneak easier amongst your enemies, and is best for both Ghosts and Opportunists

Note that I recommend purchasing the Shady Merchant’s Tools first, but I think Trinkets and Upgrades should be purchased interchangeably in the later Chapters as you start hoarding more and more gold.

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