Thymesia: Where to Find Ingredients for Life, Energy, Toughness, and Strength

Get your hands on important potion-improving ingredients in this guide to Thymesia.

Get your hands on important potion-improving ingredients in this guide to Thymesia.
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While there isn’t much character customization or what one would call traditional gear in Thymesia, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your playstyle and make moment-to-moment gameplay more enjoyable. One of the main ways is by boosting your potions with additional charges, improved healing properties, and bolstered effects. And ingredients play a significant role in that.

This Thymesia guide will (eventually) list every ingredient in the game and where to find it. In almost 20 hours of gameplay, we managed to find 11 of the 12 ingredients in Thymesia. We’ve listed all the ones we’ve found below and will update this guide when we find the last one.

Ingredient Locations

None of the ingredients is easy to find. You’ll want to have the Luck Level 3 Strategy equipped to farm them from enemies efficiently. Even with Luck maxed out, don’t expect to get them the first time fighting the enemies that drop them. 

Ingredients come in four varieties:

  • Life
  • Energy
  • Toughness
  • Strength

Life adds additional healing to a potion. Energy restores the Energy meter. Toughness decreases damage taken after using a potion for 30 seconds. Strength increases damage dealt for 30 seconds after using the potion.

There are also three tiers for each category: the higher the tier, the more effective they are.

Life Ingredients

  • Rosemary (Tier 1): Farm from the dagger-wielding women with branches coming out of their back in the Sea of Trees.
  • Fennel (Tier 2): Farm from the floating blood spike minibosses in the Royal Gardens.
  • Sage (Tier 3): Farm from the flame minibosses in the Royal Gardens and the Hanged Queen, as well as Mutated Odur boss fights in the Royal Gardens and Sea of Trees, respectively.

Energy Ingredients

  • Oregano (Tier 1): Farm from the Shield and ax-wielding enemies in Hermes Fortress.
  • Mint (Tier 2): Farm from the enemies with large fists in the Sea of Trees.
  • Thyme (Tier 3): Farm from the Odur and Mutated Odur boss fights in the Sea of Trees.

Toughness Ingredients

  • Clove (Tier 1): Farm from bow and spear enemies in Hermes Fortress.
  • Lavender (Tier 2): Farm from sword and shield enemies in the Royal Gardens and spear-using minibosses.
  • Black Pepper (Tier 3): Farm from twin-sword enemies and the Urd boss fight in Hermes Fortress.

Strength Ingredients

  • ??? (Tier 1): Location forthcoming.
  • Basil (Tier 2): Farm from greatsword, twin-sword, and flaming minibosses.
  • Cinnamon (Tier 3): Farm from the Varg, Hanged Queen, and Sound of the Abyss boss fights.

As minibosses do not respawn when you rest at a lamp, you’ll need to reload an entire level if you don’t get the ingredient you want. You can fight every boss again no matter how many times you beat them, and most boss-specific ingredients come from multiple sources, keeping you from needing to fight a particular encounter that gives you trouble.

With that, you know where to find most of the ingredients in Thymesia. We’ve covered many other topics on the game, including the best Talents to unlock first, how to level to get more levels quickly, and how to get every ending. Check our Thymesia hub for even more.

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