Timing Is Everything: Timing Video Game Guides For Maximum Views

If you're looking into writing guides, time is a key factor for you.

When writing guides, you want the guides to have relevance. Picking up an old game and writing guides will not bring in page views. If you’re really looking to maximize your page views with guides you need to keep track of all the latest and greatest games. See which games are sparking interest, and which games are just flopping. If you’re unsure how to look into that, check out my Google Trends guide.

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Once you’ve locked in on a game, keep up to date on all the latest releases and publications. This will help you keep track of relevant content. Remember if the game is still in Beta or Alpha or otherwise not out yet, be mindful of the NDA. Publicly released information is usually okay, but in-game details are not in most cases.

Once you lock down new content or game release data, you’ll definitely want to work time into your schedule to familiarize yourself with the content. This way you’ll be ready for the guides. For instance, my Lightning Event guides such as For The Winsome and Seeking The Scoop, were written about two hours after their content went live. I’m not saying you should get up at early in the morning like I did, but by the end of launch day you’ll want at least one guide posted.

As time passes your guides will start to lose relevance, it’s expected with guide writing. Don’t fret if your page views fall over time, new content or games will always kick-start your views again.

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