Tips For Collecting Golden Blocks In LEGO Marvel Superheroes

A quick and easy guide to find 250 golden blocks.
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LEGO Marvel Superheroes is a new action-platformer release for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita and Wii U.  With this being such a massive world with tons of collectables I’ve decided to help make a quick and easy way to obtain those coveted golden blocks, as they help unlock different skins and other silly things in the game.  The golden blocks are almost like cheat codes you can activate.

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For starters, You won’t have access to the main city hub until you’ve completed the first set of linear missions.  That took me around 2 hours or so. The city hub is where all 250 golden blocks lay in hiding.  Once Nick Fury sets you free upon New York City, any and every g-block is fair game. You must complete these super hero specific tasks to earn golden blocks.  For instance Iron Man had a series of check-points during a timed race, if you fail to keep up you’ll have to start all over and try again.  If you happen to have the wrong hero for the job, it possibly could be a race which you would need to hijack a vehicle, or a circle with the face of the correct character will appear above the players noggin.

The quickest and best way to do this is by pressing the select button, or map button. Once the giant city map pulls up, the areas you’ve already traversed become highlighted, the rest covered by a fog of war type shading; meaning you won’t see other golden blocks until you’ve physically been there.  In those already discovered areas you might see a golden block, just use your left stick to move the cursor over the designated area, press the jump button then highlight the green check mark and press “ok” again.  It will ask if you’d like to “set a marker”, and the answer is of course “yes”.  This will lead you directly inside the challenge’s green half-ring start marker. If and when you do have the correct character for the right challenge, you can initiate it by pressing the “interact” button.

Trying to find and complete all 250 golden block challenges is a daunting task, but the cheats and nostalgia you get for completing specially tailored tasks that coincide with each super heroes attributes is simply wonderful.  I hope you have fun flying, web-slinging, and “Hulk smash-ing” your way through a terrifically created environment full of Lego life.

If you know of any other ways to find those golden blocks, feel free to help out in the comments below.  Be sure to stay tuned as I will continue with guides for both collectables and achievements.

by: @Coatedpolecat

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