Tips for navigating the up in difficulty to the Deadpool Dailies.

Tips for for surviving the new Deadpool Daily in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Tips for navigating the up in difficulty to the Deadpool Dailies.

If you have been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest during February, then you probably noticed an increase in difficulty in the Deadpool Dailies. If your team is in the 2 and 3-star range, then you’re already very fed up with Ultron’s clones and Venom’s symbiotes. It’s not fun, and can reach impossibility if you have not been playing for long or are a casual player. You may even be having difficulties completing it with a 3-star team.

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Never fear, though, there are a few tips that might just make the difference between crushing defeat and unsatisfactory success while you wait for them to inevitably change the challenge again.

The Big Enchilada is the most important stage in the Deadpool Daily Quest.

It means the difference between just two tokens that will probably give you health packs and a new 3-star card. For those players in the 2 to 3-star transition stage, the DDQ is your lifeblood. It is the only surefire way of getting those vital 3-star cards to level up your team. With Champion levels, the Big Enchilada is important for 3-star championing levels.

If you just keep these tips in mind, getting all the rewards from the DDQ will become easier — still a huge pain, but easier nonetheless.

2-star Storm

Without a doubt, the 2-star Storm has become invaluable for the new DDQ. With her blue power, Wind Storm, you can not only hit all enemies with a sizable amount of damage, but can stun them as well. This is amazing — not just for whatever minions you will be against, but also for when you will be put up against Heroes or Villains.

For example, one of the Big Enchilada matches we have faced this past week has Jean Grey show up in the second wave after the first wave of Ultron’s clones have filled the board with enemy strength, attack, and protect tiles. This makes it very easy for her to absolutely decimate your whole team if she can get any moves out. This is why you should finish off the first wave on a power. This means you will be the one to start on the second wave and this gives you the perfect opportunity to use Storm’s stun ability and take Jean Grey out of the game for several rounds.

Your Enemy Should Influence Your Team

Having 2-star Storm on your team is something you should definitely do, but what about the rest of your team? This can really depend on who you are playing against.

For example, a few combinations that work really well on the Big Enchilada when it starts out with Ultron’s clones. 2-star Captain America, Magneto, and Storm are a dynamite team against them. Magento’s blue power can clear the board if leveled up completely. This can take out all the nasty tiles the they leave on the board. The best part of this trio is that while they all have useful blue powers, two of them are very good at obtaining more blue AP. Captain’s blue power puts a tile on the board that grants more blue AP once it completes, and Magneto’s purple power lets you put blue tiles onto the board. This can be really helpful. If you don’t have one of those three, Moonstone can be a good because of her ability to turn the enemies tiles against them.

Against the ones that start with Venom’s symbiotes, you might consider a 2-star Thor/Storm duo with your choice of a third. Magneto can work, but arguments can be made for Hawkeye being a star in this battle. You will need a heavy hitter against them (like Thor), plus Storm and the third one can do different things. If you use the purple archer, Hawkeye has a few very handy powers for the long haul — including a useful passive power, Speed Shot.

You can breathe easy when it starts with your run-of-the-mill Maggia Goons.

The Hand’s Ninjas can be rendered useless with a Magneto/Storm duo. You need someone who can clear the board of the attack tiles and all numerous countdown tiles that come with the ninjas. Moonstone, again, can be used in that regard. Black Widow can be used, though you should watch her health, because she can only take a few good hits before she is KO’d.

If you are still having trouble, there is one last resort…

When in doubt, boost

If you have gone through all your health packs and you are on your last three heroes, and you know you can defeat them if your cards survived a little longer, then you might have to boost.

It can be easy to forget they are there. You can find them in the three slots before the battle starts. If you really want to ensure your victory and you do not plan on using any of the character powers you have, use the Power boost, Critical boost, and + 1 to all AP.

That critical boost is a must-have if you are using Moonstone or Hawkeye. You can absolutely knock your enemies dead this time.

We have been told that these new DDQ’s will be changed soon. However, we just do not know what they will become instead. This should get you through until then, though.

Happy 3-star hunting everyone.

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