3 minutes, 2 lanes, 1 totem to defeat...but how many of these mistakes are YOU making in your quest for Elite rank?

Titan Brawl – Beginner’s Guide to Mobrawl Gaming

3 minutes, 2 lanes, 1 totem to defeat...but how many of these mistakes are YOU making in your quest for Elite rank?
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If you’re anything like me, you probably wouldn’t have expected too much from mobile-platform pseudo-MOBA Titan Brawl from Omnidrone. After years of DOTA 2, League of LegendsSMITEHeroes… the list goes on, really… how could this handheld hero-brawl capture our attention?

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As it turns out, fairly easily. I was soon sucked into the world of 3-minute competitive matches and time-driven advancement, eagerly awaiting every new campaign mission to unlock, and every new hero level up that strengthened my team.

Fortunately, advancement is pretty easy in Titan Brawl – if you know what you’re doing when it comes to games like this, anyway. if you’re looking to level up your Brawler status, make sure to avoid these pitfalls:

Staggering your team

It’s a pretty easy mistake to make if you’re not neck-deep on time-based game systems. Have a fighter, send a fighter, fighter dies. Repeat.

While it certainly could be that your opponent’s squad is further leveled than yours, or simply matches up well, what’s more likely is that your stream of 1 by 1 fighters is being fed into the maw of an entire enemy team.

Try to match force with force, and never send one or two heroes our to their untimely doom at the hands of a superior force. Sometimes it’s correct to save a hero deployment for a few extra seconds in order to summon multiple at a single time – even if your defenses are taking a bit of damage.

Stressing your resources

One of the more important things in Titan Brawl – especially for newer players – is managing the rather limited resources they have to work with as they try to level and improve their team.

While the hero-specific tokens are fairly plentiful, the elemental tokens – the limited token type that enhances the special skills of your heroes rather than their base stats – are much rarer. Often times I’ll see enemies with two, or even three heroes of all the same element. Their skills hurt or heal much less hard than they should, and quickly realize the player has made the mistake of overtaxing their most limited resources.

Meanwhile, my Earth, Fire, Water team is moving along nicely – all the way to their totem.

Acting too quickly

One of the moves you’ll see often in the lower competitive brackets — and less as you trend upwards through the ranks – is players that summon their heroes immediately to smash into your defensive towers or totem without seeing what you’re doing, or waiting for your minion wave to arrive.

The free skulls and totem damage can be, and often is, backbreaking.

Instead, (especially when defending early against waves of minions) don’t be afraid to wait as early as your first hero summon. Often I’ll field my first hero to hold off the enemy minion wave — several seconds after the game begins, timing my hero’s collision with the enemy just within range of my totem. Their offensive hero, meanwhile, is left to deal with my wave all on their own, and comes out much worse the wear for it.

Similarly, many players will burn a mana bar every time it comes live — leaving their team underpowered and vulnerable by 1 or 2 minutes into the game, and susceptible to multi-ability combos.

While the games may be quick to pick up and just as quick to end, the key to most victories in Titan Brawl is patience. Time your summons, time your skills, and then you’ll have all the time in the world to relax at the top of the ladder.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my Treebor just finished leveling, a new campaign mission opened up, and I have about a half an hour until the season ends.

Time’s ticking…

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