Titanfall 2 Northstar Titan Guide

Check this guide for tips on playing the Northstar Titan in Titanfall 2!

Check this guide for tips on playing the Northstar Titan in Titanfall 2!

Northstar is the long-range, sniper Titan in Titanfall 2. She has a Plasma Railgun that can be charged, Tether Traps, Cluster Missiles, and a hover ability. This is a great Titan to use if you want high mobility and damage, but beware of its low health.

I’m going to go over everything the Northstar Titan has to offer and give some tips on what to use. Check out my Multiplayer guide for general Titanfall 2 help.

This guide will go over everything about the Northstar Titan in Titanfall 2 including:

  • Northstar Basics – The weapon and abilities of Northstar.
  • Titan Kit – The general kit abilities.
  • Northstar Kit – The kit abilities that are unique to Northstar.
  • Titanfall Kit – The kit abilities for calling in your Titan.

Northstar Basics

Titanfall 2 Northstar titan

  • Plasma Railgun – Sniper railgun that charges up while zoomed.

It is a good idea to charge up the gun while behind cover, then attack when it is fully charged.

The low health of this titan means you want to avoid being hit as much as possible and stay at long-range.

Abilities and Core
  • Cluster Missile – Creates sustained explosions on impact.
  • Tether Trap – Mine that locks nearby enemy Titans down.
  • Vtol Hover – Vertical take-off hover.
  • Flight Core – Hover, unleashing rockets at targets below.

Cluster Missile is a good ability to use when you want to get some quick damage, or area damage, without charging your main weapon.

Tether Trap makes good use of Northstar’s long-range strength. Use these to stop approaching Titans, or keep other Northstars from hovering away. It also makes them easy targets for a short time.

Vtol Hover is great for mobility because she moves faster while hovering.

The Flight Core makes you vulnerable, but deals a lot of damage. Try to use when you are either not in danger of getting shot by several enemy Titans, or if you are close to dying.

Titan Kit

  • Assault Chip – Improves Auto-Titan precision and enables the use of offensive and utility abilities.
  • Stealth Auto-Eject – Automatically ejects and cloaks when your Titan is doomed, preventing Pilot death.
  • Turbo Engine – Grants 1 extra dash.
  • Overcore – Titan starts with 20% core build time.
  • Nuclear Ejection – Ejecting while doomed causes your Titan to detonate its core, causing massive damage to nearby enemies.
  • Counter Ready – Grants 1 extra Electric Smoke countermeasure 

I prefer the Overcore or Counter Ready for Northstar. Overcore is great for building up your core quickly.

Counter Ready is good for keeping pilots off you by having more Electric Smoke.

If you want maximum mobility, Turbo Engine is nice, but Northstar comes with 2 dashes by default.

Northstar Kit

titanfall 2 northstar kit

  • Piercing Shot – Plasma Railgun rounds fire through targets.
  • Enhanced Payload – Cluster Missile’s secondary explosions hit a larger range and last longer.
  • Twin Traps – Tether Traps Fires 2 traps.
  • Viper Thrusters – Move faster during Flight Core.

The default Piercing Shot is great if you find enemy Titans hiding behind each other.

Enhanced Payload is ideal when you want to make better use of Cluster Missile.

Twin Traps is good for stopping multiple Titans, or blocking off pathways.

Viper Thrusters is the go-to if you want better survival in Flight Core since it allows you to move faster.

Titanfall Kit

Dome Shield – Protects your Titan after Titanfall.

Warpfall – Fast and unprotected Titanfall.

This comes down to whether or not you are going to be near your Titan during Titanfall. This shield is good if you won’t be near so it can be protected while you get to it.

Warpfall is good for when you spawn as Titan, or are near the spot you call it in. It is also good for destroying other Titans by calling it in on top of them.

That’s it for my guide on Northstar in Titanfall 2. Let me know if you have any questions!

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