Titanfall Burn Cards Guide: Intel and NPC

A list of all the Intel and NPC Burn Cards in Respawn's new Titanfall! Learn how to use your cards effectively in game!

Intel and NPC bonuses with the Burn Cards are very helpful in many ways.

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NPCs like grunts and specters are everywhere in Titanfall! They can quickly become a nuisance to any other player on the field because they are so plentiful. Intel cards are invaluable to destroying opposing titans in a flash!

What are Burn Cards?

Burn Cards offer various ways to improve your game and are easy to collect. Collecting these cards creates a deck of 25 that you can use 3 per round. Once your deck becomes sparse completing challenges will help you to replenish your pile. 


Intel Burn Cards

Aural Implant
Replaces Pilot Tactical Ability with Active Radar Pulse. Useful for capturing and holding command points, the longer lasting Active Radar Pulse can help you see inside the room and know exactly how to clear and take control of the points. 

Echo Vision
Active Radar Pulse is permanently active as well as having your Pilot Tactical Ability. Different than the Aural Implant, this burn card gives you ARP for the whole round continuously.

Map Hack
Full mini-map vision. It is exactly what it sounds like, you get the bonus of seeing the map for the entirety of the round. 

Packet Sniffer
Active Radar Pulses periodically appear and you can see the whereabouts of your enemies.

Satellite Uplink
Reveals all enemies on the mini-map every ten seconds. It works for a couple of seconds until it turns off and then you get another reveal after ten seconds. 

Spider Sense
An audible warning tell you when enemy players are nearby.

NPC Burn Cards

Nearby friendly Grunts fight for you — their kills count toward your score. Maybe those minions aren’t so pointless after all!

Double Agent
Grunts, Spectres, Auto-Titans, and turrets ignore you. You become invisible to any enemy AIs around you, which is very helpful if you want to slip in under the radar. 

Wi-Fi Virus
Automatically capture nearby enemy Spectres. You can control Specters to fight alongside you and their kills count for your score as well. 

These are all the Burn Cards for Intel and NPC so far. There is a possibility that more will come in the days passing so be sure to check back for more! Don’t forget to check out GameSkinny’s Titanfall Guide List

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