Titanfall Burn Cards Guide: Misc. and Bonus Cards

A list of all the Bonus and Miscellaneous Burn Cards in Respawn's new Titanfall! Learn how to use your cards effectively in game!

The new way to up your game in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is to use burn cards. Burn Cards give your pilot, titan, or equipment just a slight edge above the rest and can add up to a huge advantage if used the right way!

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How to use your cards!

Each player gets 25 cards in their deck and you can use up to 3 per match.

In order to unlock all three slots, you have to rank up to levels 7, 9, and 11 to unlock the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd slots respectively and each following burn card is earn through completing challenges. You can see these challenges in the in-game menu. In this guide I will be showing you all the known burn cards for weapons and their purpose on the frontier. Feel free to check out all of GameSkinny’s guides on the Titanfall guide list!


Misc. Burn Cards

Massive Payload
Ejecting from your Titan causes an extended nuclear explosion.  Your Titan will cause a massive Nuclear Explosion before devastating itself giving you the chance to take out surrounding enemy Titans. 

Lets you respawn at the same location where you died. You can really catch your enemies off guard using this burn card because they thought the battle was over!

Spectre Camp
You are a Spectre. This is a rare Burn Card that allows you to spawn as a Spectre instead of a Pilot. Most of the enemy Pilots do not pay attention to them & try to get Pilot kills so you’ll easily have the advantage. 

Super Charger
Your Titan has a pre-charged Titan Core ability. This Burn Card allows your Titan to make use of Damage Core at the beginning of the match. 

Bonus Burn Cards

Atlas Refurb
Call in an Atlas Titan. Calling in a Titan at the beginning of a match will always be an advantage because all of your opponents are trying to get to the checkpoints or to that flag and you can just walk all over them! 

Decisive Action
Forty seconds off build time or Titan Core charge. 

Fast Learner
You earn double XP. This is a very effective card to use if you’re wanting to rank up fast!

Most Wanted List
Scoring hits on Pilots earns extra XP and reduces build time. Unlike Fast Learner, this Burn Card is restricted to killing Pilots only but it also helps dwindle down your Titan build time. 

Earns extra build time and Titan Core charge reductions during combat.

Pull Rank
Eighty seconds off build time or Titan Core charge. 

Reserve Ogre
Calls in an Ogre Titan. This Burn Card is just like Atlas Refurb only for Ogre titans.

Spare Stryder
Calls in a Stryder Titan.

Thin the Ranks
Scoring hits on Grunts earns extra XP and reduces build time. Equip this Burn Card with Minion Detector Kit and your XP will be insane!

Titan Salvage
Scoring hits on Titans earns extra XP and reduces build time.

Urban Renewal
Scoring hits on Spectres earns extra XP and reduces build time.

These are all the Burn Cards for miscellaneous and bonus cards so far. There is a possibility that more will come in the days passing so be sure to check back for more! Don’t forget to check out Gameskinny’s Titanfall Guide List

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