Titanfall Guide: G2A4 Attachments, Mods, and Challenges

Want to master the G2A4? Then, check out this guide to learn the ins and out of the semi-automatic rifle.

The G2A4 is a semi-automatic rifle in Titanfall. It shoots pretty quickly and a mod increases the rate of fire even more. With attachments and the right mod, this gun is deadly at multiple ranges.

Don't be afraid to fire a bunch of shots to take someone down, even though the magazine size is small. Those looking for a precise, powerful rifle will find it in the G2A4. I'll show you the stats of this gun, attachments, mods, and challenges.

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This guide will cover everything about the G2A4 including:

  • Weapon Basics - The stats and general info on the gun.
  • Attachments - Each attachment and what they do.
  • Mods - Each mod and what they do.
  • Challenges - List of every challenge for this gun.
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Weapon Basics - Get to know your G2A4

The G2A4 has pretty high damage and accuracy. The range and rate of fire are average though. I found it harder to kill people from far distances, even though the accuracy is great.

Just because you can see them, doesn't mean it is worth shooting from too far away. Experiment for yourself to find the best range.

  • Amazingly accurate, even with iron sights.
  • Line up head shots, or fire away with its decent fire rate.
  • Don't shoot from too far away.

Attachments - Which scope is best?


HCOG stands for Holographic Combat Optical Gunsight. This scope has the shortest zoom at 1.85x magnification. This scope works well with this gun. Good for close-range zooming.

  • Aims quickly and accurately.
  • Uses the smaller range of the G2A4 to its advantage.
  • Great for taking out close, jumping enemies.


The Holosight is good for a balance in range and close combat. It has a 2.1x magnification and provides a tighter aim than normal.

  • Great medium-range scope.
  • Tightens focus on enemies and areas.
  • Most versatile of all the scopes.


The AOG, or Advanced Optical Gunsight, gives this gun a longer range. It has a 2.4x magnification, great for fighting at a distance. Not as good for this gun as others, but still useful if you need to keep your distance.

  • Watch your back. Enemies can sneak up on you more easily while zooming in with this scope.

Mods - Customize Your Rifle

Extended Magazine

This mod adds 4 shots to your magazine, letting you do more damage before you need to reload. This is great at most times, especially when keeping your distance.

Match Trigger

This is a great mod for keeping a balance between close and long-range combat. It lets you fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Be warned, it also lowers accuracy and magazine capacity by 6.

  • Great when enemies run up to you, or when you get close.
  • Push the fire button as quick as you can to unload on an enemy.


It lowers your overall damage in exchange for not being detected as easily. You will not appear on minimaps when firing, the gun noise is softer, and it has a lower muzzle flash.

If you want to go undetected and don't mind what you're giving up, then use this.

Challenges - Skills for Kills

There are 6 categories of challenges for the G2A4, each with multiple tiers to complete.

If It Moves

This category involves killing enemies. This means any enemy, such as a Pilot, Grunt, Spectre, or Titan.

Killing 25 enemies unlocks the Suppressor mod. Killing 50 unlocks the AOG Scope. The rest of the tiers give you experience and Amped G2A4 burn cards. For more info on burn cards, check out the Weapon Burn Cards Guide.

Top Gun

These require you to kill actual players, the Pilots. 15 Pilot kills unlocks the Match Trigger mod.

Machine War

Spectre kills count towards these challenges. Killing 25 Spectres unlocks the Extended Magazine mod.

The Expendables

This category is all about killing Grunts. 25 Grunt kills unlocks the Holosight scope. 50 grunt kills unlocks the HCOG.

This Is My Weapon

Just using the gun for certain periods of time completes these challenges. They give experience and Amped G2A4 burn cards.

Off The Dome

Getting headshots with the G2A4 gives credit for these challenges. You get experience and burn cards.

That's it for the G2A4 Rifle guide. If you'd like help with anything else in Titanfall, then go to the Guide List. If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments!

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