Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege weapons guide (and how each gun works in real life, too!)

This guide focuses on the best tactics tips for a range of ultra-realistic weapons in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

This guide focuses on the best tactics tips for a range of ultra-realistic weapons in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.
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An ultra-realistic first-person shooter Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege gives you a chance to try out some of the legendary guns used by anti-terrorist groups around the world. After playing for some time, you really start to feel the weight of the weapons – that’s how well they resemble the originals.

The developers managed to preserve all physical parameters and characteristics of the real weapons. When your character holds Mossberg 590A1, it behaves quite differently than any other shotgun in the game. This level of realism is available to both the operators and terrorists. The tactical and defense mechanics in the game are truly groundbreaking.

The game is scheduled for the December 1, 2015 release date. This guide will help you prepare and learn about the most interesting weapons in the game and the best ways of utilizing them within specific missions.

Heckler & Koch UMP45

Type: Blowback-operated select-fire submachine gun
Team: FBI
Operator: Pulse

The compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use submachine gun from Heckler & Koch was released in 1999. Today it is used by the Special Forces and the Marines in 19 countries - from the United States and Mexico to Liechtenstein. It weighs 2.45 kg and shoots 600 rounds per minute. This is not the highest speed, but reliability is more important than speed.

Best tactics: Use on locations, such as Bank, where it is necessary to both fight at close range and work through spacious rooms. Weapons must be versatile, lightweight and compact, and there’s nothing better than a submachine gun for this sort of situation.

Benelli M1014

Type: Semi-automatic combat shotgun
Team: FBI
Operator: Castle

This is a classic gaming shotgun from the 1990s, and in fact, it is one of the most effective weapons used by Special Forces in real life. This 18.5 mm caliber shotgun has a crazy lethal force; however, it weighs almost 4 kg (~8.5lbs), which is a lot. But it is used in 21 countries and has established itself as the ideal anti-terrorist weapon.

Best tactics: Use inside buildings with a large number of windows, such as Embassy, which enables operators a relatively easy way to penetrate inside and continue make their way in short range, where a shotgun with its destructive power is much more efficient than a typical machine gun.

Mossberg M590A1

Type: Pump-action shotgun
Team: SAS
Operator: Smoke

This is perhaps the most popular pump-action shotgun in the world. Every Hollywood movie cop must have used this shotgun at least once when breaking into the drug traffickers’ apartments. The 12th caliber provides necessary power, convenience and reliability during special operations.

Best tactics: Use on all sorts of labyrinthine locations with lots of small rooms, which require all operators to be armed with shotguns, which are primarily effective on short distances.

Degtyarev RP-46

Type: Light machine gun
Operator: Tachankin

One of the oldest light machine guns – RP-46 is a proven, reliable, and one of the most powerful weapons in the entire game. The machine gun was developed in 1946 by Soviet designers Shilin, Polyakov and Dubinin. It shoots 600 rounds per minute and uses cartridges with 200/250 bullets.

Best tactics: Use on locations that can be both defended or attacked with the help of heavy weapons, such as Hereford military base, surrounded by a barbed wire fence. The best tactics here is to fire at everything with your light machine gun, bringing every moving target down, soldiers or vehicles.


Type: Semi-automatic shotgun
Operator: Kapkan

This comfortable and sophisticated weapon is equally well suited for self-defense, practical or recreational shooting, and hunting at short distances. This Russian weapon impressed American law enforcers so much that they signed a contract for the supply of SASGs for the American police.

Best tactics: Use on the vast open territories that require careful exploration and a certain time for preparation before the fight. Modern SASGs inherited the best qualities of classical Kalashnikov machine guns, which make them perfect for this sort of maps.

Steyr AUG A2

Type: Bullpup assault rifle
Team: GSG9
Operator: IQ

It was originally created as an infantry weapon for the Austrian army. The Steyr AUG rifle was one of the most popular weapons in its class in the world and has generated a huge amount of clones, which were never as successful as AUG A2.

Best tactics: It is designed specifically for easy and convenient assaults on any kinds of maps. However, locations covered with snow and ice don’t allow you to run on top of the roofs, so most of the shootouts will take place either on open spaces or inside the buildings.

FN P90

Type: Compact, bullpup, select-fire PDW (personal defense weapon)
Team: GIGN
Operator: Rook

P90 is an extremely compact and lightweight submachine gun, which became famous for its high precision and accuracy. It is often used in science fiction films, which plays the role of the weapon of the future because of its futuristic-looking design.

Best tactics: Use on locations consisting of several buildings and vacant lots, where weapons must be versatile and have a high accuracy. Shotguns are not very effective at these sorts of medium range locations, so the submachine guns and assault rifles are absolutely necessary.

OTs-03 SVU

Type: Bullpup configuration of the SVD sniper rifle
Operator: Glaz

This semi-automatic sniper rifle is the redesign of the famous Dragunov SVU. The maximum effective firing range is 800 meters, and at the same time it is very compact, which makes it an indispensable weapon against the terrorists.

Best tactics: Use on locations of small sizes, like country houses - the beloved hiding places of terrorists. In this case, the sniper rifle is a necessity, which can also be used for controlling the surrounding territory.


Type: Semi-automatic, high caliber pistol
Team: FBI
Operator: Thermite

This gun is based on the legendary Colt M1911 and for many years it has been the personal weapon of all US Marines. The 45th calibre, seven rounds of ammunition in the magazine, plus one in the barrel make M45 an undisputable classic.

Best tactics: Use on plane heists, where shooting with a machine gun is pure madness, but the precision with low power of the M45 will help rescue the hostages and destroy the terrorists.

5.7 USG (FN Five-seveN)

Type: Semi-automatic pistol
Team: FBI
Operator: Ash

The name of this gun is a play on words, as it refers to the gauge (5.7, also known as .224) and the abbreviation of the company’s name (Five-seveN). But in general, this is a classic Belgian pistol with 20-round magazine, which is used as a personal weapon in more than 30 countries.

Best tactics: Use in operations taking place inside the city cafe, which should be taken care of in a neat way, and where a simple pistol works much better than the massive rifles or machine guns.

As you can see, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is not just a simple shooter. This is a real test drive. After all the missions, you can confidently discuss tactics with any Special Forces officer around the world - at least you will know the theory well.