angelic humanoid aasimar in baldur's gate 3 with fair hair and skin as well as wings and a halo
Image via DarthRen

Top 10 Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Character Creation Mods

Looking for the top 10 best Baldur's Gate 3 character creation mods? Here are my favorites.

If you’re like me, spending hours in character creation is another fun aspect of BG3. That’s why I wanted to put all my favorite character customization mods that add new visual and mechanical goodies in one place. Here are my top 10 best Baldur’s Gate 3 character creation mods.

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What are the Top 10 Best Baldur’s Gate 3 Character Creation Mods?

New Hair Mods

tiefling mage wielding a spellbook
Image via Toarie

When it comes to Baldur’s Gate 3 character creation mods, some would say hair is the iconic piece. These three mods add numerous new options for your Tav’s hairstyle.

Feel free to browse through each mod’s image directory to find the one that suits you the best. Or if you’re like me, install all three.

5e Spells

dnd 5e spell list
Image via Diz91891

I would say 5e Spells is one of those must-have BG3 character creation mods as it greatly expands the spell list in the game. Every spellcasting class will get drastically more choices for their Cantrips and Level 1 spells during character creation. One of my favorites is the Booming Blade Cantrip for characters mixing melee and magic as well as the Level 1 Absorb Elements spell for mitigating elemental damage. Best of all, the mod also adds spells to the Level 2 through 6 spell lists for later use.

New Character Creation Presets

bulky humanoid necromancer with glowing eyes raising dead
Image via Toarie

The New Character Creation Presets mod will add new models for both your Tav and the Guardian. This will greatly increase the amount of possible combinations for visual customization. They even come with their own textures and meshes. You can browse through all of them on the mod’s page before installing it.

Half Angel (Aasimar 5E)

angelic humanoid aasimar in baldur's gate 3 with fair hair and skin as well as wings and a halo
Image via DarthRen

Have you ever wanted to play BG3 as Dame Aylin’s race the Aasimar? Well now you can with DarthRen’s Half Angel mod. Not only are you getting the full Aasimar race with subraces from Volo’s Guide to Monsters but there are also additional angelic visual elements to customize your half angel. While halos and feathers are neat, I really like the biblically accurate angel accessories like the three rings with eyes around your Aasimar’s head.

Faces of Faerun

three face presets from faces of faerun bg3 mod
Image by Aloija

Aloija’s Faces of Faerun adds various new face options for your Tav. The creator categorized them with code names and you can check out variations for each race on the mod page. The neat part is that these new faces don’t replace the old ones, they just add to them.

Artificer Class and all Subclasses

dark scaled draconic humanoid
Image via KiderionLykon

Do you want a full new available class in character creation? KiderionLykon has us covered since they ported the entire Artificer class from the Eberron/Tasha to BG3. The Artificer is a tinkerer class that can create magic items, enchant gear, and even replicate existing magic items from the game. Every subclass is there from the Iron Man-like Armorer to the potion-crafting Alchemist. Pick up the Artificer in character creation and discover a world of science and magic.

Horns of Faerun

two horn presets from horns of faerun bg3 mod
Image via Aloija

As the name suggests, Aloija’s Horns of Faerun mod adds various new horn options to the game. These are most commonly for Tieflings with numerous demonic horn options but there are even some Druid antler ones. In fact, these custom texture horns are for every race except the Dragonborn. Additionally, Aloija has even added jewelry for horns which can be found in the Tutorial chest, the Druid Den’s trader, Volo, and Danthelon from Wyrm’s Crossing.

Customizer’s Compendium NPC Options Unlocker

demonic humanoid tiefling with dark skin and curved horns
Image via AlanaSP

The Customizer’s Compendium mod is a huge visual pack of different options from hair and horn to eyes and facial hair. Essentially, the modder AlanaSP borrowed assets from NPCs and made them available to the player. You can have Orin’s hairstyle, Mystra’s accessories, Isobel’s hair, and much more.

Vemperen’s Other Heads Repaired

various face presets from the vamperen other heads bg3 mod
Image via Dufresne12

Do you remember Vemperen’s mod that added new head options to the game? Dufresne12 fixed the issues with that mod and updated it for the current version of the game. Vemperen’s Other Heads Repaired adds a ton of new heads to the game and you can even add them mid-playthrough and change them at the camp mirror.

Eyes of the Beholder

six shots of different eyes from the eyes of the beholder bg3 mod
Image by Labotor

Last but not least, we have Eyes of the Beholder. This mod expands the character customization options for your Tav’s peeper. You can make eyes glow, change pupil shapes, use different colors, and more. There are even monstrous custom designs for eyes which I highly recommend you check out for some unique visual elements.

As always, be sure to check the requirements for each mod, as you’ll probably have to download other essential mods first, such as the Mod Fixer or ImprovedUI. Requirement details are in each mod’s description.

That’s it for my top 10 best Baldur’s Gate 3 character creation mods. For more BG3 content, check out our top 12 mods overall or how to fix BG3 mods not working.

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