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Top 10 Best Speak With Animals Interactions in Baldur’s Gate 3

If you love animals and want to talk to them in BG3, here are our best Speak with Animal interactions.

One of the best parts of BG3’s social interactions is discovering new encounters through the Speak with Animals spell. There’s a ton of adorable critters to talk to if you can cast it through potions or appropriate classes. Here are my best Speak with Animals interactions in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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Most Fun Speak With Animals Interactions in Baldur’s Gate 3

10. Scratch

What better way to start a list of the best animal interactions in BG3 than with our best boy? If you’re exploring near the pond area between the Goblin Camp and the Blighted village, look around for this pupper. You’ll find Scratch safeguarding the body of his master, who’s been slain by gnolls.

Casting Speak with Animals and talking to him can let you recruit him and bring him to your camp permanently. The best part is that you can give him pets after a hard day of slaying and adventuring.

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9. Blue Jay and Monastery Eagles

Exploring the Mountain Pass near the Monastery, you may’ve encountered a frustrated Blue Jay. This is an example where Speak with Animals can lead to unique quests; this Blue Jay will ask you to travel to the top of the Monastery and retrieve his nest from Giant Eagles. Once you reach the Eagles, though, they have their own story. The fun part? You can use a little avian diplomacy to avoid combat if you wish and side with them. A little fauna intrigue never hurt anyone.

8. Commander Lightfeather

Speaking of avians, Lightfeather the Commander Pigeon graces us with his majesty. Located in Rivington on the upper floor of the Couriers building, this gentleman bird can provide some useful information about the Open Hand Temple and a strange symbol. He’ll also recruit you to uncover the mystery of the missing pigeons and a certain feline culprit. Be respectful to this raptor to earn Inspiration for Soldier backgrounds.

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7. Grymforge Spiders

Located at Grymforge just past the boats, these spiders are holding a conference, debating whether to remain at the Duergar’s side or join the faith of Lolth, the Spider Queen. It’s a neat diplomacy encounter where you can speak with animals, opening their eyes to arachnid adoration and leave the Duergar. If you manage to do so, they won’t assist Nere and the Duergar in an upcoming fight. This is such a rewarding Speak with Animals encounter that provides a bit of mechanical aid if you choose to go up against Nere.

6. Detective Cat

Did you know that Baldur’s Gate 3 is a hard-boiled LA Noire detective game? Me neither — until I discovered Malta, the Detective Cat. Join this intrepid private investigator in the Lower City Central Wall and discuss what’s rotten in the city. This four-legged detective will also try to recruit you as his sidekick. It’s truly a memorable Speak with Animals encounter.

5. Owlbear Cub

Back at the Goblin Camp, there’s another unique companion you can hire. The Owlbear Cub from the nearby cave has been captured by Goblins. Getting the cub is all about Persuasion, Intimidation, buying the cub, killing the Goblins, or using Illithid powers. Once the cub is in your camp, you can talk to it with Speak with Animals and even experience a unique cutscene if you also have Scratch.

4. The Strange Ox

Another early interaction I love is the one with the Strange Ox from Druid’s Grove. He’s the third Ox in a row you’ll meet there; the first two provide some comic relief and point you to the haystack with some treasure. Shout out to them, too!

But the third and mysterious Ox is much more than an animal, it seems. Talking to him in the Grove and later on at Last Light Inn reveals a harrowing secret that you can choose to explore — or just leave it up to fate.

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3. Kira

This is another neat example of how Speak with Animals can give you interesting information about the local NPCs. The true proprietress of the Sharess’ Caress is actually Kira, the adorable brown cat. Speaking to her and complimenting her will reveal information about the clientele.

2. Deep Rothe

As you explore Grymforge, you’ll come across a Duergar Beast Master whipping exhausted Rothe to clear an entrance into the Ancient Adamantine Forge. This is another mechanically meaningful Speak with Animals encounter: you can convince the Rothe to both rebel against their masters and clear the way for you. They’ll join you in the fight against the Duergar. The best part (to me) is nearby Duergar won’t turn hostile. With your Rothe friends clearing out the way, you can proceed to find the Forge.

1. Steelclaw

I’ve saved the most badass Speak with Animals interaction for last. It’s the silent stalker, the predator of Mind Flayer Tadpoles, the tormentor of the Illithid. Steelclaw. Found in Moonrise Towers, speaking to this Sphinx Cat reveals her to be a dedicated Illithid hunter. You even find her playing with a Tadpole. Even the nearby Winged Horrors fear her, their scars still aching from her vicious claws.

Those are my personal best Speak With Animal interactions in Baldur’s Gate 3. With so many to encounter, there are bound to be even more — or you may have your own best list. For more BG3 guides and articles, check out our best Speak With Dead interactions and best magic items.

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