Top 3 Games to Work Your Mind

Ever wonder what games you should let your 7 year old play? Well I've got the games right here! Maybe you want to make teaching more fun for your child? Let them play these games.

You probably hear a lot of complains and negative reactions about video games on the news or in the newspaper. For example, “Did this child steal from the store because of Grand Theft Auto? OF COURSE!”

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I’m not saying children aren’t affected when playing violent video games. It really depends on how mature the kids are. But, there are of course many video games that can develop minds to become creative and strategic. Those skills as a human being can be very useful when that person is a child.

Yes, when children are at school they need to think a lot–when doing math, for example. That’s when you need to be creative and strategic. I am not a parent (I’m a kid), but why not see this from my perspective then? This list is based of from the games I’ve played and that I found interesting and creative and such. And I also want to make an honorable mention to Minecraft that unfortunately didn’t make it on this list.

“How to develop the mind of a child through video games?”

#1. Portal/Portal 2

Portal is a game about creating gateways with a portalgun through mind-boggling environments, and solving puzzles to come to the next stage. I can’t explain how many hours of gameplay I’ve spent on this game and it was worth every second of it. After playing this game, it was much easier for me to solve puzzles and it was much more fun, too! I was even better than my dad!

#2. Thomas Was Alone

I’m not gonna lie here, I don’t really know much about it except that it’s a really well made 2 dimensional puzzle game that contains multitasking and such. There are characters that have different shapes and sizes and you need to “think before you act” a lot. It’s great fun too.

#3. Thief

I think this game is brilliant. There is more to this game than the naked eye can see. You have to sneak, you have to hide, you have to concentrate, you need to listen, and you have to be observant of how the AI moves and how well it reacts.

I’m not saying your kid should become the best thief in the whole world or anything, but the whole concept is brilliant. Thief is about a man named Garrett who is the most skilled thief in all of “The City.” In the beginning, when he was a child, he just stole to survive. Then it escalated to a way of life. I bet that not one single person finished this game the same way as someone else did. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call a stealth game.

Thank you for reading and comment below for any questions.

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