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Top 10 Fortnite Racing Maps with Codes

Find the best Fortnite racing maps and their codes here.

Need a break from competing to be the best in the battle royale, but still want to be a winner? Look no further than the library of racing games in the Creative 2.0 collection. I went ahead and found the best 10 racing maps in Fortnite and their codes for you here.

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Top 10 Fortnite Racing Maps with Codes in Fortnite

Racing games sound simple enough, but the collection of Islands in Fortnite’s library will prove there’s more than meets the eye. There’s plenty of variety to mix things up and keep things interesting. Whether you want a classic racing game, or something a little more unique, you’ll find the perfect game on this list.

Car Crush Tycoon

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  • Island Code: 2369-5860-1063

Race to collect the upgrades in this junk yard race tycoon mini-game. You’ll race to the finish line while gathering scrap metal to upgrade your custom car. You’ll need strategy and racing finesse to be the best here.


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  • Island Code: 4673-7855-8449

Carkour is like the Ninja Warrior of racing games. You’ll make daring leaps across obstacles as you race to the finish line in this racing game. The mode even includes a world record leaderboard to keep things competitive. It’s tougher than it looks because I made a splash off the tracks more than once.

City Free For All

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  • Island Code: 1008-1364-5412

City Free For All is perfect for a DIY race with friends. This race takes place on a giant map with all vehicles from Fortnite. So, you’ll have plenty to explore in this Miami inspired drag racing backdrop.

Driving Up

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  • Island Code: 2544-7597-6360

Only Up gained tons of traction this year, and Fornite creator S-k-a-v-i is here to bring that hype to the Creative Library. In Driving Up you’ll pick a car — or maybe even a dinosaur — to drive up challenging roads and obstacles to complete three difficulty levels. The objective is simple, get as high as you can in this Deathrun game.

Figure 8 Jumps

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  • Island Code: 8551-3819-8153

Figure 8 Jumps is all about performing huge jumps on ramps across the map. You’ll race to the finish, and compete for points as you twist and flip in the air. Overall, this mode is great if you’re trying to get some air.

Frontal Crashes

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  • Island Code: 6130-1432-8382

Frontal Crashes is a challenging obstacle course racecourse. You’ll have to carefully drive between explosive obstacles while staying on the track. Sounds simple, but the lack of walls on the track will make things extra tricky. Slow and steady wins the race in this one.

Mega Ramp Miami

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  • Island Code: 9013-2542-1707

Mega Ramp Miami is all about speed. You’ll be racing down an extreme ramp sky-high on a racetrack that feels reminiscent of Rainbow Road. It’s a map that’s as dazzling as it is fun. The mode includes an interactive world record leaderboard, and secret areas to discover.

Nashville Superspeedway

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  • Island Code: 2985-6664-2539

If you want a traditional racetrack experience, Nashville Superspeed way is perfect for you. The creator, Commander, has plans to keep the map updated to reflect the real location, so it’s perfect for Nashville Nascar fans. You’ll pick out a car and race around the track 50 times each round.

Ultimate Open Road

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  • Island Code: 8994-8137-4987

Ultimate Open Road takes racing to the open road, and skies! You can race all Fortnite vehicles, and planes in this infinite road map. Races can be as long or as short as you want, so this is the perfect mode to jump into with some friends.

Ultimate Ramp Jump

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  • Island Code: 0798-3938-6487

Ultimate Ramp Jump is all about getting the perfect jump. You’ll compete for the farthest distance as you race down the runway in a single run. This game mode is ideal for a quick race with some friends.

Those are the best Fortnite Racing maps with their codes. Stay tuned with us at our guides hub here for more tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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