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Best Free Roam Maps to Download in Assetto Corsa

Here's a list of some of the most realistic and best free roam maps in Assetto Corsa.

Free roam maps are the best when it comes to realism and immersion in Assetto Corsa. But finding a really good free roam map isn’t easy. Here, I list only the best free roam maps to download in Assetto Corsa, including quick links for each individual map.

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Assetto Corsa: Top 10 Best Free Roam Maps to Download

Union Island Free Roam Map

Union Island Map in Assetto Corsa
Image via Ben O’Bro

The inspiration for the Union Island free roam map by Ben O’Bro is the actual island in the Caribbean Sea, which inhabits around 3,000 people. The map has an extremely chill and joyful vibe, which is perfect for free roaming. Here, you can practice your driving skills, as well as explore the island and its beaches.

Project Touge Free Roam Map

Project Touge Map in Assetto Corsa
Image via AK3D

If you prefer a more challenging driving course, then the Project Touge free roam map by AK3D will fit the bill perfectly. It’s a 48 km (30 miles) highway with some incredibly complex turns and corners. These will challenge even the most skilled drivers! I’m not surprised that this is one of the most popular multiplayer free roam maps in the game.

Glencoe Free Roam Map

Glencoe Map in Assetto Corsa
Image via Grant Hendry

Here’s another extremely long track with over 70 miles total. That’s the Glencoe free roam map by Grant Hendry, which is based on a freeway in Scotland. When trying out this map, I’d definitely explore it in a supercar, such as Lotus F1. It can make the long trip so much more enjoyable!

Peyregrosse Free Roam Map

Peyregrosse, France Map in Assetto Corsa
Image via SIM TRAXX

One of the deadliest courses in the game is the Peyregrosse free roam map by SIM TRAXX, which is inspired by a real track in France. In my experience, this is more of a rally map than a free roam map, although it definitely has elements of both. If you’re looking for a truly challenging free roam map in Assetto Corsa, then this would be an excellent choice.

Semetin Free Roam Map

Semetin, Czech Republic Map in Assetto Corsa
Image via SIM TRAXX

The Semetin free roam map by SIM TRAXX is based on another rally track located in the Czech Republic. This one’s as complex as the previous map, but it’s not as loopy and much closer to the actual free roam map. However, I must warn you that it’s important to learn the layout first, as there are a few tricky turns that may lead you nowhere.

Kanazawa Free Roam Map

Kanazawa Free Roam Map in Assetto Corsa
Image via Route Eeight Media

Are you ready to experience a 50-mile tour across the Kanazawa free roam map by Route Eeight Media? This track is based on one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, which serves as a perfect base for the touge racing. This means that when a group of friends play together, one of them leads the way, and the rest are chasing them.

Road to Lake Louise Free Roam Map

Road to Lake Louise Map in Assetto Corsa
Image via Jeenette

Not all tracks need to be challenging or designed for racing, some can be very relaxing and satisfying at the same time. That’s why the Road to Lake Louise free roam map by Jeenette is one of my personal favorites, as it offers a unique opportunity to cruise along a 200 km stretch of North America. The nature and quality of the highway will impress you!

Endine Lake Free Roam Map

Endine Lake Map in Assetto Corsa
Image via bks999

The Endine Lake free roam map by bks999 is a bit more complex, with intricate turns and twists as well as dirt roads. Because of this, I wouldn’t pick any car but something like the Ferrari GTO to firmly keep those tires on the road. It’ll take you about an hour to explore and learn most of the track, which isn’t too bad either, making it one of the more approachable tracks on this list.

California Coast Free Roam Map

Traffic Layout for California Coast Map in Assetto Corsa
Image via alekabul

Most of the free roam maps on my list have no AI, meaning there are no passing cars or refuel stations. But this California Coast free roam map by alekabul has all that, which makes it a much more realistic experience. If you like this type of driving, then be sure to check this map out.

Puy-du-Lac Free Roam Map

Puy-du-Lac, France Map in Assetto Corsa
Image via SIM TRAXX

Last but not least is the Puy-du-Lac free roam map by SIM TRAXX, which is once again based in France. Like all other free roam maps from SIM TRAXX, it features lots of unpredictable corners, many road traps, and pure rally stretches. Just be sure to choose a proper vehicle, such as the Mazda MX5 or Caterham.

That’s it for my list of the best free roam maps to download in Assetto Corsa. Stay tuned for more AC tips and tricks articles right here.

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