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Mech stands in the middle of the destruction in Mechwarrior 5
Image via Nexus

Top 15 Best MechWarrior 5 Mods

Improve your gameplay experience using my top 15 best MechWarrior 5 mods.

MW5: Mercenaries offers a huge array of features for customizing mechs in the game. But there are still a few glaring omissions in the vanilla game, which can be fixed using mods. Here, I list the top 15 best MechWarrior 5 mods that will make your gameplay experience more enjoyable.

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MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries: Top 15 Best Mods List

Yet Another Mechlab Mod

Menu of the Yet Another Mechlab mod in Mechwarrior 5
Image via Nexus

If you’re not satisfied with the vanilla Mechlab in MechWarrior 5, then I highly recommend the Yet Another Mechlab mod. It adds a new Mechlab with all MWO mech variants, hardpoints, engines, armor, and so much more. My favorite thing about this mod is that it allows me to assemble new mechs from salvaged parts with a dozen configurable elements. This is just a great mod for anyone who takes their mechs seriously.

Coyotes Mission Pack And Mission Overhaul Mod

Not all players are content with the current missions in the game. That’s why the Coyotes Mission Pack exists for all those who are looking for more and better missions. Note that missions are procedurally generated, so not all 100% of them will be to your liking. But other than that, it’s truly a great opportunity to delve into the unknown, especially if you enjoy replaying the game’s missions again.

Yet Another Weapon Mod

Here’s another mod from the same team that gave us the Yet Another Mechlab mod. But this time, they created a standalone weapons pack, Yet Another Weapon mod, for anyone who’s particularly interested in upgrading their mech weaponry. I can find almost any weapon I want here, including LBX, Autocannons, PPCs, Silver Bullets, Improved Heavy Gausses, MRMs, Streak SRMs, X-Pulse Lasers, Light and Heavy Machine Guns, and more.

TTRulez AI Mod

It would seem that by the fifth installment, this game would have significantly better AI. While it’s actually the case to a degree, some players still find the current state of both enemy and friendly AI underwhelming. That’s why I wouldn’t waste any time. Simply download the excellent TTRulez AI mod, which updates the game’s AI significantly, making combat so much more realistic and less buggy.

vonBiomes 17 DLC6 Ready Final Mod

Mech standing in the middle of the forest in Mechwarrior 5
Image via Nexus

The world of MechWarrior 5 is rather grim and not exactly attractive. But the vonBiomes 17 mod will add that extra layer of discovery to your gameplay sessions. I love that this new mod offers custom-made textures with a complete foliage overhaul. That’s how you know that this mod will have fantastic new environments, such as old forests, rural hills, crystal fields, deep deserts, melting glaciers, and so many other cool biomes.

330’s Pilot Overhaul Mod

Let’s be honest: piloting in MechWarrior 5 feels trivial. If you’re one of those players who’ve felt this for a long time, let me introduce you to the 330’s Pilot Overhaul mod. It adds tons of new features and controls that make piloting mechs so much more realistic. Of course, this makes the gameplay even more challenging, but fortunately, there’s a customization menu, so you can make it easier for yourself.

Star Map Mouse Over Mod

The SMMO mod is a type of mod I suggest every MechWarrior 5 player should get. It’s really simple, but it makes your gameplay so much more comfortable by adding lots of important info to the star map. Instead of chugging through various menus, just hover your mouse over objects on your star map. You’ll see such info as Contracting Party logo, OpFor logo, difficulty rating, and max tonnage. It simply saves you so much time!

Advanced Zoom Mod

If you’re not satisfied with the default zoom option in your mechs, then be sure to download the Advanced Zoom mod. It provides you with both 4x and 8x zoom options, as well as zoom sensitivity settings and scope scaling options. It’s truly remarkable how a simple mod like this can drastically change the quality of your gameplay by making it so much more enjoyable and intuitive.

Lore-based Mech Variants Mod

Menu of the Lorebased Mechs mod in mechwarrior 5
Image via Nexus

The lore of the MechWarrior franchise is vast and deep. If you’ve been missing some of the more important lore-based mechs from the vanilla version of MechWarrior 5, then be sure to get the Lore-based Mech Variants mod. It adds a whopping 152 new mech variants from Flea FLE models to the Atlas AS7 and Atlas II AS7 giants. But do note that this mod requires the Yet Another Mechlab mod to work, which I mentioned at the beginning of my list.

MW5 Mercs Save Editor Mod

Although we have the technology to save files on cloud services and even restore deleted files, there’s still a danger of losing your saved data. This is especially hurtful if you’ve made significant progress. That’s why I’d go ahead and download the MW5 Mercs Save Editor mod, which will take care of all your saved data without you having to worry about it ever again, with the possibility to edit your save files.

Purchase Salvage Mod

Being able to salvage parts for new mechs is a great game mechanic. But often, you lack that one part to finish the job, which is beyond infuriating. Make sure never to get into such pitiful situations by downloading the Purchase Salvage mod. With the help of this mod, I can simply purchase the necessary salvage parts for C-Bills without wasting any time looking for them elsewhere.

Source HD Texture Mod

If you’re not satisfied with the game’s graphics even at the highest settings, then the only option you have is to get the Source HD Texture mod. It’s purely a cosmetic modification that replaces some of the more important textures with their HD variants. Now you can look and play with your mechs at 4K resolution, which makes the control panels look incredible.

MW5 Mercs Reloaded Mod

Mercs Reloaded mod menu in Mechwarrior 5
Image via Nexus

If you’re happy with the current roster of mechs in the game but wish you could change a few things here and there, then let me introduce you to the MW5 Mercs Reloaded mod. This mod provides a vast array of customizable features for all vanilla mechs, including thermal vision, targeting computers, gyro upgrades, etc.

Mech Delivery Mod

What could be easier than ordering a mech with quick delivery to your Leopard? Well, the game doesn’t have a feature like that, so I decided to find one, and I got lucky with the Mech Delivery mod. In this way, I don’t have to scour entire galaxies for that one special mech. All I need to do is enter the Mech Market menu, enter the name of the model in the search field, and order its delivery. That’s it!

Repair Bays Mod

You may ask, why would you need a mod for Repair Bays when they’re already present in the game? The reason is that the Repair Bays mod offers configurable repairs that aren’t available otherwise. Here, I can set the percentage of the armor I need to repair, the number of uses, restock the entire lance, and so on.

That’s it for my list of the top 15 best MechWarrior 5 mods. Stay tuned for more MW5 tips and tricks articles, including a review of flawed but extremely fun robot action and beginners guide.

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