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Top 15 Best Skyrim Mods for PS4

Make your experience of playing Skyrim on PS4 much more enjoyable with the help of our list of the Top 15 best mods.

Mods are an excellent way to enhance your gameplay experience, and fortunately, there are some great Skyrim mods for the PS4. From NPC to graphic and gameplay overhauls, you have plenty of options to improve your game. Here’s my list of the top 15 best Skyrim mods for PS4!

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List of Best Mods for Skyrim on PS4

three undead skeletons rise to attack the player in skyrim
Image via Bethesda

All of the Skyrim mods for PS4 here have been taken from the official Bethesda mod page, so you can safely download and install them on your console by following the links below. Here’s a quick breakdown of the top 15 best Skyrim mods for PS4:

Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul Mod

skyrim npcs in a tavern talking
Image via Arnaud.dorchymont

Vanilla Skyrim is infamous for its extremely dense AI, so I recommend adding some tweaks that make the characters you meet throughout the world a little less droll and just a tad bit smarter. It’ll do wonders to challenge you more and make the game more fun. The Immersive Citizens AI Overhaul greatly improves the intellect of all NPCs. Once you install this mod, both the combat and dialogue will be far more enjoyable.

Faster Leveling Mod

faster leveling level up mod in skyrim
Image via RampageBW1

Character progression can be a real chore in Skyrim, but with the Faster Leveling mod, this problem will be a little bit easier. All your skill leveling rates will be multiplied by 2.5x, while your lockpicking will have an extra 5.5x multiplier. I found this to be the perfect PS4 mod for those going through the game a second, third, or fourth time.

Rain and Snow FX Mod

dragonborn in skyrim standing in the falling snow
Image via Chesko

This graphics mod improves two things: the appearance of frost and the wetness of skin and clothes. If you really want these two features to look as realistic as possible in Skyrim, then be sure to install the Rain and Snow FX mod. It makes the game more immersive using high-resolution particle effects.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Mod

skyrim unofficial patch mod promo picture
Image via Arthmoor

Are you tired of the vanilla Skyrim bugs and glitches? Here’s a fantastic real solution in the form of the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch mod. This patch fixes hundreds of quests, NPCs, and objects throughout the world of Skyrim. It’s one of those must-have Skyrim mods for PS4 for second playthroughs and beyond.

Rich Merchants of Skyrim Mod

skyrim merchant haggling with the dragonborn
Image via Micahghost

It always seems that merchants are very poor wherever you travel in Skyrim. They always lack gold when you need to sell all the junk. That’s why I suggest the Rich Merchants of Skyrim mod, which gives all merchants in the game 10,000 gold so you can always make some money.

Obsidian Weathers Mod

autumn landscape in skyrim of yellow leaf trees and a small hamlet
Image via Arindel

The Obsidian Weathers mod is a terrific graphics enhancement modification that illuminates and naturally saturates the environment of Skyrim. The vibrant colors and the seasonal changes add an amazing depth to everything.

Lively Graphics Overhaul Mod

forest landscape in skyrim
Image via ImperialAgent1992

This Skyrim mod is much warmer than the previous one. While the previous mod makes everything look super realistic, the Lively Graphics Overhaul mod turns everything into a colorful and bright fairy tale. But I must warn you that this mod doesn’t affect interiors.

Phenderix Magic Reloaded Mod

magic lesson classroom with student mages sitting
Image via Phenderix

If you’re getting tired of the same old spells in Skyrim, then here’s a perfect solution. The Phenderix Magic Reloaded mod includes tons of new magic spells, summons, enchanted artifacts and weapons, and much, much more. For example, there are even new locations and NPCs from whom you can learn magic.

Alidon’s Ultimate Armory Mod

dragonborn in skyrim standing in library covered in flame armor
Image via Alid0n

This exclusive PS4 mod brings so much more to the game than just new armor. In Alidon’s Ultimate Armory mod, you’ll get unique items, quests, followers, spells, NPCs, and other gameplay elements that will add a whole new dimension to Skyrim. If you like building different gear combinations and you’re tired of the vanilla ones, then I highly recommend this Skyrim mod for PS4 users.

More Blood and Gore Mod

a skyrim guard attacks the player and lacerates them causing bleeding
Image via Sp0ckrates

The last mod on our list is the More Blood and Gore mod, which does exactly what it says: it adds more blood and gore to the game’s combat. It basically turns a PG-13 Skyrim into an R-rated Skyrim, so you know what to expect.

Echoes of the Vale

snowy oasis in skyrim
Image via EasierRider

This PS4 Skyrim mod, Echoes of the Vale, expands the Forgotten Vale area accessible at the start of the Dawnguard Questline. You’ll get 23 new instances to explore, a player home, and new weapons and armor to find in the area. You don’t even have to start the DLC; you can just visit this mod through the Darkfall Cave north of Markarth.

The Great Cities

six pictures showing various major cities of skyrim
Image via DonkyConq

The Great Cities is a vast overhaul of the major cities of Dawnstar, Dragon Bridge, Falkreath, Morthal, Rorikstead, and Winterhold. It’s perfect for breathing new life into these places in a lore-friendly way without altering the base structure. There are new locations and merchants to visit, as well as a brand new experience of exploring iconic Skyrim cities.

Epic Enhanced Console Graphics V5

skyrim landscape image of a mountain sky and a valley
Image via ImperialAgent1992

Another graphics mod for Skyrim on the PS4 is Epic Enhanced Console Graphics. This is a great visual overhaul mod that introduces realistic effects, lighting, and vivid color correction. It seeks to emulate the kind of graphics you can get on a PC, and they’re truly beautiful. You can tell the obvious difference between the older versions of ImperialAgent1992’s mod and version 5.

Better Loot (Treasure Hunter Edition)

chest and treasure and gold piles in skyrim
Image via XxMrHollywood

The Better Loot mod enhances dungeon containers to hold more and better loot. Granted, the author says this doesn’t mess with the balance of the game, as they have personally tweaked 7000+ containers. They’ve done this by tweaking how loot generation works and adding more varied and better loot with additional chances for it to spawn.

Reasonable Spell Updates

dragonborn in skyrim fires of a lighting spell in first person
Image via Tank_01

Lastly, the Reasonable Spells mod does two things. First, it rebalances some older spells, improving dual casting. Second, it adds new exciting spells for various skill levels, like the Holy spell set to fight against the undead or the Dragonfire spell. Both additions are welcome and objectively improve the spellcasting gameplay of the base game.

That’s it for our list of the Top 15 best Skyrim mods for PS4. Stay tuned for more The Elder Scrolls tips and tricks, like how difficulty affects gameplay or how to become a vampire.

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