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Top 10 Best Valheim Seeds 2023

Here's our list of the top 10 best Valheim seeds for 2023.

You never know how things can go in Valheim due to the RNG of the map generation. It can either make things really easy, or a lot harder. That’s why having a good starting seed can change your entire survival game for the better. We’ve already listed our best seeds for Valheim last year, and now we present you with our top 10 best Valheim seeds for 2023.

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Best Valheim Seeds List for 2023

Seed: NCs7E07Xjt

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This seed is perfect for those who don’t want to sail too much. There’s almost every boss and merchant on the starting island, including The Queen final boss. Here are their coordinates on this map:

  • Eikthyr: -100, 50
  • The Elder: 1200, -600
  • Bonemass: 900, 3000
  • Moder: 1800, 2500
  • Yagluth: 200, 4000
  • The Queen: -400, 6800
  • Trader: 1400 -200

Seed: xAMN34aj4C

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Here’s another easy to play and very beginner-friendly map that I found, which has almost everything you need on the starting island, including the very rare Maypole structure, which increases your Comfort stat at coordinates -600, 200. The first three bosses and the merchant Haldor can be found at:

  • Eikthyr: 300, -200
  • The Elder: 300, 1300
  • Moder: -50, 1400
  • Trader: 1000 -1100

Seed: SchQ5nc5Zg

Screenshot by GameSkinny

If you want to craft Abyssal weapons, such as the Abyssal Harpoon and Abyssal Razor, then you need to get some Chitin. This material drops from Leviathan Islands, a couple of which can be spotted very close to spawn at coordinates -500, -1300. You can also find some of the bosses and a trader on the starting island here:

  • Eikthyr: -300, 50
  • The Elder: -1500, 400
  • Bonemass: -1600, -1800
  • Trader: -1400 1200

Seed: ZEG78LPgyT

Screenshot by GameSkinny

One of the best ways to get Coins and Troll gear is to find and kill a Troll inside a cave. Fortunately, I was able to spot one such cave near the spawn in this seed at coordinates 150, -750. These creatures may drop up to 100 Coins per kill and lots of Troll hide. Then, you can move forward and deal with the bosses and meet Haldor:

  • Eikthyr: 50, -50
  • The Elder: -700, 1300
  • Moder: 1800, -300
  • Trader: -1200 2200

Seed: URfd4XbXaP

Screenshot by GameSkinny

An even rarer type of cave that you may encounter in Valheim is the Frost Cave. This type of cave is usually inhabited by a number of monsters, such as Ulvs, Cultists, Stone Golems, and others. You’ll be able to find a Frost Cave not too far away from spawn at coordinates -900, 2050. A few of the bosses and a merchant are also located quite close to each other:

  • Eikthyr: -150, -150
  • The Elder: -500, 1700
  • Moder: 400, -850
  • Trader: 1250, 1600

Seed: I4lEFBS25I

Screenshot by GameSkinny

The best type of food in Valheim in terms of its duration is a Sausage. The safest way to make Sausages is to defeat Draugr enemies that drop the entrails required for cooking. I managed to locate an entire Draugr village not too far from spawn at coordinates 1250, -2000. Along the way, you can deal with these few bosses and a merchant:

  • Eikthyr: 200, -350
  • The Elder: 1650, -300
  • Bonemass: -1050, 3500
  • Trader: 1500, -1550

Seed: NE2Lma6UYx

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Boss Moder can be summoned only by collecting Dragon Eggs. They typically spawn high up in the mountains, which don’t always generate near spawn. But this seed has such a mount nearby at coordinates -1500, 250. After that, you can take out Moder and others at the following coordinates:

  • Eikthyr: -150, -50
  • Bonemass: -800, -2200
  • Yagluth: 3000, -1300
  • Trader: -1500, 250

Seed: JdbBpaHAPs

Screenshot by GameSkinny

If you’d like to get to the Queen as soon as possible, then you can find her relatively quickly at coordinates -3900, -5100. Her Forsaken power is really useful, giving you the ability to fully restore your Eitr resource. On your way to The Queen, you’ll also find a couple of bosses and a merchant:

  • Eikthyr: 100, -100
  • The Elder: 50, 1050
  • Trader: -1200, 2250

Seed: ix95pn55e9

Screenshot by GameSkinny

A game like Valheim involves a lot of building and construction. In this regard, your most valuable resource is Tar, which connects all the structural blocks together. I managed to find a great source of Tar not far from spawn in the Tar Pit at coordinates 500, -3200. You can also meet Haldor and some of the bosses at:

  • Eikthyr: -350, 200
  • The Elder: -1300, 550
  • Moder: -400, 2100
  • Trader: -1450, 500

Seed: rJ8b0Vwxrc

Screenshot by GameSkinny

Fuling villages are the only source of Barley and Flax in the game, as well as of the Fuling totems required for summoning Yagluth. The closest Fuling village that I was able to spot in this seed can be found at coordinates -2500, 2500. But before you get there, here’s where you should also go:

  • Eikthyr: -300 -50
  • The Elder: -2100 1700
  • Moder: -1600 -1200
  • Trader: 950, -1300

Those are the top 10 best seeds in Valheim 2023. Stay tuned for more Valheim tips and tricks articles right here.

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