Learn how to beat all the new monsters in this guide to the latest Total War: Warhammer DLC -- Norsca.

Total War Warhammer: Norsca DLC Monsters Guide

Learn how to beat all the new monsters in this guide to the latest Total War: Warhammer DLC -- Norsca.

The Dark Gods of the Warhammer universe would be very pleased if you could hunt down some of the most dangerous creatures of the Old World. In the latest Norsca DLC for Total War: Warhammer, you will get the chance to slay down eight of the new monsters.

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Each monster has its own strengths and weaknesses of which you should be well aware, if you want to have an advantage during the battles against them. Keep on reading this guide for the best tactics on how to kill all the new monsters in the Norsca DLC for Warhammer.

Abyssal Shrieker


  • Terrorgheist Skull
  • Treasury: +10000

A giant macabre bat that shrieks over the province of Stirland must be killed by any means. Just beware — the Shrieker doesn’t come alone, but with an army of bats, hounds, and skeleton spearmen.

The Shrieker is greatly dependent on its units. So deal with other bats first, as this will make the Shrieker itself much weaker. The Anti-Large units are the best choice for this battle, as most creatures you will face here will be greatly oversized.

Blorgar the Mad Titan


  • Stinky Giant Club
  • Treasury: +10000

At the south of the borderline Grey Mountains, a filthy giant resides alongside trolls and other beings of his caliber that wreak havoc upon innocent settlements. The developer definitely has a sense of humor, as it gave Blorgar an ultimate AOE — the Exploding Fart.

Use Anti-Large tactics in this combat, plus the ranged artillery — and soon the foul stinking giant will fall. But make sure to create pressure at all times until he produces the final fart, otherwise he will be able to regenerate himself.

Brood Queens of Karak Azul


  • Arachnarok Eggs
  • Treasury: +10000

The mountains of Karak Azul host some of the vilest creatures the Old World has ever known — the venomous spider queens. They are protected by hordes of skin wolves that will attack you as soon as they smell your scent.

Use psychological attacks, such as Fear and Terror, to reduce the pressure coming from them. But at the same time, look around for unexpected attacks, as there are more spiders than you might think at first.

Frigustrex, Scion of the Cold Void


  • Ancient Frost-Wyrm Scale
  • The Cold-Voider
  • Treasury: +10000

You will find Frigustrex in the Northern part of the Troll country that is known for its harsh and cold environments — which is a perfect hideout for such a dangerous frost-wyrm. But this beast is not the only danger awaiting you there.

You must be ready to confront a horde of ice trolls, as well as the Frugistrex himself. Look out for his Frost Breath hex that can significantly slow you down and make your units weaker.

If you come really close to him, he will produce a terrible vortex that will not only slow you down even more, but will also deal a lot of damage to each unit affected by the vortex.

The most effective way to deal with Frugistrex is to cast fire magic on him, to which he is the most vulnerable.

Great Mawherd of Bloodfjord


  • Last of the Great Mawherd
  • Feral Mammoth
  • Treasury: +10000

This time you will need to protect the herd of mammoths from the attack of the greedy Dwarves at the Southern Oblast. If you manage to do so, you will be able to tame the Great Mawherd yourself.

In this battle the Dwarves will use their Bolt Throwers and Grudge Throwers, and will attack your units from the distance. You must have an armor piercing protection to be able to survive the attack, and eventually come closer to the Dwarven units with your own artillery.

Radixashen, Serpent of the Worldroots


  • Forest Dragon Fang
  • Treasury: +10000

The great serpent roams the wilds of the Elvish land — Athel Loren. This dragon is much larger than any other forest dragon you’ve ever seen. On top of that, it is protected by all sorts of forest beings, including the Ancient Protectors — giant walking trees that are hard to kill.

This means that before taking on the dragon, you must first deal with the Protectors. The Fire Missiles and weapons with fire damage will do the trick.

If you do not take care of them, then they will create a lot of trouble for you during the actual fight with Radixashen. But without the support of the Protectors, the serpent will be an easy target.

Salzenmund Soul-Eaters


  • Giant Cygor Eyeball
  • Treasury: +10000

In the southern part of Nordland you can fight a pair of giant Cygors, also known as The Salzenmund Soul-Eaters — cyclopean creatures that are very, very angry. They are extremely protective of their own territory, so as soon as you approach them, the Cygors will start throwing giant boulders at your units.

You must be very quick in this fight and move as close to the Cygors as you can, no matter the casualties. When your units get close enough, the giant will be easy to knock down in a simple melee fight.

Traygard Mountain-Cleaver


  • Dragon Ogre’s Great Horn
  • Treasury: +10000

To the north of the Chaos Wastes, an ancient dragon-shaggoth resides on mountains that are constantly showered with powerful lightnings. The area is infested with ogre manticores and other creatures that will make your job of hunting Traygard that much more difficult.

The best strategy here is to send the heavier units to confront Traygard in a close combat, thus not letting him move around too much. Then, locate the ranged units around and shoot him down from the distance.

That is it for the Norsca DLC monsters guide, but if you’re looking for some more help, then check our other Total War: Warhammer guides here at GameSkinny:

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