Put those pesky rock walls in their place with this guide to breaking them in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Break Cracked Rock Walls

Put those pesky rock walls in their place with this guide to breaking them in Tower of Fantasy.

Scattered across the world of Tower of Fantasy are large rock formations set into walls that look breakable but defy all efforts to actually break. Worse, these walls appear to crack when attacked, and there are always cracks between the rocks, some big enough to see the rewards they’re guarding just out of reach. There’s no obvious way of breaking the boulders, and no tutorial gives a clear answer. 

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This Tower of Fantasy guide will explain how to break those pesky rock walls so you can get the rewards they hide.

Cracking the Rock Wall Code

As mentioned, there is no way for your standard weapons to do real damage to the rock walls found throughout Tower of Fantasy. You need a Relic called Missile Barrage to successfully crack them open. And unless you go off exploring before finishing the Ecological Station Intruders tutorial mission, you’ll have Missile Barrage at the ready.

During the tutorial, you’ll enter ruin A-01, and the first item you pick up will be the Missile Barrage Relic. You’ll also be given an overview of how to equip it. Here’s how to do that as a refresher.

  • Open the main menu by clicking the three hexagon symbol at the top right of the screen.
  • Select Relics.
  • Open the Deploy menu.
  • Select the Missile Barrage and pick which of the two Relic slots in the menu to attach the ability.

Go to the rock wall you want to break and use Missile Barrage. If you’re too far from the wall, the Barrage won’t go off; the turrets will just sit there and do nothing. You will still need to wait out the cooldown (about 60 seconds) whether the missiles went out or not.

Get close enough to the wall, and the missiles will crack the rocks wide open, letting you collect the rewards beyond. If, for some reason, you don’t get everything from behind the rock wall, know that the rocks respawn, so you’ll need to use Missile Barrage to break them again

That’s about it for breaking rock walls in Tower of Fantasy. There’s a lot the game either doesn’t tell you or only hints at vaguely. The subject of this guide is one such instance. Hopefully, these tips, and those we’ll be doing on the game in the future, will help shine some light on the more opaque parts of the latest gacha craze.

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