Earn your gacha pulls with this guide to how to get Black and Gold Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Black and Gold Nuclei

Earn your gacha pulls with this guide to how to get Black and Gold Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy.

Gold and Black Nuclei are the lifeblood of the gacha system in Tower of Fantasy, and you won’t be getting your hands on any of the Standard Banner characters without them.

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Gold Nuclei are the more valuable of the two currencies, as you can guarantee higher-rarity Simulacra Weapons and even the most valuable SSR variants if you spend enough Gold Nuclei. Black Nuclei are more common, and there is no pity system that ensures higher-rarity items, but you will have several times more chances to pull.

This Tower of Fantasy guide tells you how to get both Gold and Black Nuclei, so you have as many chances at the good stuff as possible.

Where to Find Gold Nuclei

There are seven ways to get your hands on Gold Nuclei, and most don’t require you to spend a dime.

  • Daily missions: One daily mission per day awards a single Gold Nuclei. None of these missions take more than a few minutes to complete, and it’s basically free loot.
  • Supply Pod II: These golden treasure orbs are relatively rare, with only 44 across the entire map of Asperia, but they do give one Nucleus per collection. They don’t respawn, however, so gather them carefully.
  • Exploration rewards: Gold Nuclei exist out in the wild, as well. If you see tiered diamonds on your map, head to the location and complete whatever minor activity is there. There are 111 Gold Nuclei available as items in the world. You can also earn five of them at once by clearing enough of each area of the map.
  • Story rewards: The Tower of Fantasy story isn’t big on quality, but there is a lot of it. Completing story missions will sometimes award Gold Nuceli, so it behooves you to do it as you can.
  • Clotho Supply Pod: Available in the Rewards menu, the Clotho Supply Pod offers a constantly increasing discount for ten Gold Nuclei at a time. Initially selling at market rate, you can get 10 for as low as 300 Dark Crystals — or even free if you want long enough.
  • Purchase for 150 Dark Crystals: In the “HOT” section of the Store page, you can spend 150 Dark Crystals for a single Gold Nuclei. We recommend you don’t, instead spending them on Red Nuclei for the limited event banner.

Where to Find Black Nuclei

There are almost 800 Black Nuclei on Asperia, which is a good thing because every pull of the Prosperity of Ida banner (the one that uses Black Nuclei) has no guarantees of any good items. There is no bad luck protection, no pity, only RNG. Find Black Nuclei in:

  • World exploration: There are 556 Black Nuclei waiting in the overworld tangled up in dandelions, mud and tar, and other easy-to-access locations.
  • Supply Pod I: The remaining Black Nuclei are in Supply Pod I, of which there are 238 total. Many are in strongholds, but others are wrapped in vines or sitting out in the open.
  • Support store: If you make a habit of helping newcomers to Tower of Fantasy, you can earn Support Points, which you can spend up to 10 Black Nuclei weekly.

Those are all the sources of Gold and Black Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy. They’re a limited resource, especially after you’ve put a couple dozen hours into the game, so use them sparingly once you start to run low. Check out our Tower of Fantasy guides hub for more content.

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