Always perfect decrypt the various conical chests in Tower of Fantasy with this guide to password chests and chips.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Password Chips and Decrypt Chests

Always perfect decrypt the various conical chests in Tower of Fantasy with this guide to password chests and chips.

Scattered around the world of Tower of Fantasy are glowing, conical chests that require you to “decrypt” them. They come in two easy-to-access varieties and one challenging type. It’s possible to open them without using a specific material, but you won’t get nearly as many rewards for doing so. Instead, you’ll want to always “perfect decrypt” using a password chip with a rarity matching the chest.

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This Tower of Fantasy guide will go over all three types of password chests and the chip types you’ll need to open them.

Where to Get and Use Password Chips

Getting the Password Chips you need is the easy part. All three chip types —Type I (blue), Type II (purple), and Type III (yellow) — are available as daily and weekly mission rewards, meaning you should always complete these tasks every day and over the week so you never run dry of chips.

The tricky part is finding the Password chests that take the chips. You’ll usually find blue and purple chests in Strongholds and world exploration points. These chests respawn, unlike Supply Pods, so check back frequently to spend your chips.

You’ll also find chests as rewards for cooperative activities out in the world, so if you’re playing with friends, keep an eye out for pink cylindrical energy shields guarding them.

Using Type III password chips is a much larger ask, as the only chests they open become available after defeating one of the world bosses. We’re not talking about the named enemies in Strongholds, but the enormous robots and creatures with their own large icon on the map. The first one you’re likely to encounter is Robarg, but others will become available as you explore.

Unless you have an endgame of all endgame builds, you will not be defeating a world boss solo. Check world chat or with your crew to see if people are fighting a boss near you. You’ll want at least three players and ideally double that number for the easiest kills.

The chest that appears after you defeat the world boss takes Type III chips. The rewards are (usually) commensurate to the challenge, including higher-rarity upgrade materials, currencies, and equipment.

In short, do your daily and weekly missions, explore the world and clear Strongholds, and, when possible, defeat world bosses. That’s the cycle of password chests and chips in Tower of Fantasy. Check our guides hub for more.

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