Tower of Fantasy: How to Level Up Fast

Wondering how to increase your player level quickly or how to boost your CS Rating in Tower of Fantasy? This guide tells you how.

Wondering how to increase your player level quickly or how to boost your CS Rating in Tower of Fantasy? This guide tells you how.

As with any RPG, leveling up in Tower of Fantasy is a primary facet of progression. It takes a little bit of playstyle optimization to level up fast, and there are a couple extra wrinkles to consider, as well.

This Tower of Fantasy guide will cover all the best ways to level up quickly so you can spend more time grinding for gear and characters and less time toiling away in the experience mines.

Best Ways to Increase Level Quickly

Progression here is time-gated. Once you reach your account’s current maximum level (Level 18 for brand new accounts and characters), you won’t be able to add any more experience to your bar until the next daily reset. By the time you reach Level 44, that period becomes two resets.

If your goal is to reach that level cap as quickly as possible, here are the four activities you’ll want to focus on every day.

  • The Campaign: The main story campaign is the single best source of large experience gains in the game. This is especially true early in a playthrough when you don’t have easy access to a lot of the endgame activities. The story is also terrible and terribly acted, so getting it over as fast as possible is paramount.
  • Daily activities: Every day you log into Tower of Fantasy, you’ll want to complete a set of daily tasks for easy experience. These include:
    • Four Daily bounties.
    • Mia’s Kitchen.
    • Any Challenge activities you have access to — Frontier Clash and Void Rift.
  • Select activities that take Vitality: Also available on the Adventure screen, you’ll want to spend most or all of your Vitality taking part in Joint Operation, Interstellar Exploration, and Dimensional Trials if they’re available. These activities give a good sum of experience and are also great ways to farm both equipment and upgrade materials. The Interstellar Exploration and Dimensional Trials are also quick, easy ways to test out a build while still progressing your character.

Additionally, you’ll want to complete any Ruin dungeons available to you. You only receive experience on your first clear of a Ruin, but each one has three difficulty levels — Easy, Medium, and Hard — and the harder they are, the better equipped you should be. The experience they provide also increases exponentially as they get harder, so check back often as you increase your level and CS rating to see if you can complete any on a higher difficulty.

How to Increase Your CS Rating

Your character level isn’t the only marker of their total combat power. Your CS rating is also an important marker of how strong your build is. CS stands for Combat Strength and is an aggregate score based on the strength of all of the equipment, Weapons, and Matrices currently on your character.

To increase your Combat Strength, you have to spend materials and currencies to upgrade everything your character is wearing. That means improving your weapons to their maximum value, equipping Matrices to your weapons and keeping them properly leveled, and equipping more, better, and properly leveled equipment.

A full suite of equipment consists of a helmet, shoulder guards, chest armor, armbands, gloves, a belt, leg armor, and boots. As with most things in Tower of Fantasy, equipment has several rarities, and the higher that rarity is, the more powerful the gear will be. You can also Enhance that equipment with Booster and Advancement modules and spend lower-rarity gear to give your current stuff a higher star rating.

The same is basically true for Matrices. SR and SSR Matrices simply give more CS than blue ones, and their effects are always far stronger. There are additional upgrade materials usable on every Matrix, and whenever you level up your Weapons, your Matrices should come with them.

Your best bet to conserve materials is to focus on upgrading only a few Weapons and Matrices. Spreading your resources across everything you pull out of the Standard Banner will leave you with no way to improve your setup, even as your character level continues to advance in level.

Don’t stop pulling from the Standard Banner, either. Getting a duplicate weapon allows you to add a Star to it, and each star markedly increases a weapon’s CS value and adds abilities and functionalities critical to the armament’s function.

You’ll need to improve your CS anyway, as you won’t be able to access certain areas without upgrading your Suppressor to specific breakpoints. Doing so requires a minimum CS score for the later upgrade levels.

So while you should be conservative regarding which gear you upgrade, once you settle on a setup, go hard on keeping everything upgraded. Your Simulacra have upgrade paths too, which you’ll progress by giving them gifts. All of this works to help you level fast. Check out our tier list of the best Weapons, as well. Our Tower of Fantasy guides hub has more.

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