Upgrading your Equipment is one of the primary ways to advance your character in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how it's done.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Upgrade Equipment

Upgrading your Equipment is one of the primary ways to advance your character in Tower of Fantasy. Here's how it's done.

Equipment in Tower of Fantasy is its own category of character progression, has no bearing on your character’s appearance, and is entirely separate from Weapons, Matrices, and Simulacra.

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Equipment is also one of the core drivers of your Combat Strength, or CS, and you’ll want to invest time and resources into upgrading it as much as possible. Here’s how to do that.

How to Upgrade Equipment in Tower of Fantasy

Equipment comes from many sources, and there are even more sources of upgrade materials, almost all of which come just from playing the game. Most of these sources are time-limited, either through Vitality or by having access determined by reward token. We’ve listed all of them below.

Sources of Equipment in Tower of Fantasy

Equipment is gained entirely through play, and while getting the best of it takes time, it’s usually worth the grind.

  • Joint Operation: Probably the best source of higher-rarity gear, Joint Operations become more and more valuable as you progress in level and CS.
  • Frontier Clash: You only get three chances at this activity per week, but it’s another great source of purple-rarity armor.
  • Upgrade Crew stores: Provided you’re in a high-leveled crew, you can access additional blue and purple-rarity Equipment for Crew Points.
  • Ruins: Completing specific Ruin dungeons on their easiest difficulty rewards blue-rarity Equipment.
  • Password chests: There is a small chance to receive blue gear from password chests after you reach level 35, and purple Equipment enters the pool at level 45.

Upgrading Equipment in Tower of Fantasy

Upgrading equipment in Tower of Fantasy comes in two forms: level and star rating. To improve your weapon’s level, and thus its stats, you spend Gold and Booster and Advancement modules.

You can gain Booster modules by completing:

  • Bygone Phantasm
  • The Crystal Dust Store
  • The Daily Supply Box for logging in
  • Wanderer’s Log challenges

Advancement modules come from:

  • Bygone Phantasm
  • The Crystal Dust Store
  • The Daily Supply Box

The Gold cost is static at 2,000 per upgrade, but you’ll need more modules as your weapon improves in both level and rarity.

You only need to upgrade the level of Equipment once. When you equip another instance of the same type at the same or higher rarity, you can transfer all the upgrades from your old gear to your new.

It’s adding stars to your Equipment that’s the tricky bit. Each piece of Equipment has an experience track that you can spend other units of the same type of Equipment to advance. White gear gives 10 to 20 XP, and purple gear gives upwards of 1,000. The more powerful the Equipment, the more experience it takes to give it a star.

You can infuse as much unused Equipment as you want even if you don’t hit the experience requirement, as the game will retain the value. If you upgraded some blue gear to two stars and then equipped some purple, be aware that stars do not transfer, but they do significantly boost their provided infusion experience.

It’s worth it, then, to collect as much Equipment as you can even if you can’t immediately use it — it will have an eventual purpose as infusion fuel to take your actually good gear up a star or two.

That’s all there is to upgrading equipment in Tower of Fantasy. Like most systems in the game, it’s not the simplest to explain but becomes routine after doing it a few times. We’ve covered other upgrade mechanics here, including how to upgrade Matrices. We’ve also provided a best Weapons tier list and a guide to leveling up fast. Our Tower of Fantasy guides hub has more.

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