The Tree of Savior OST is hiding out on your HDD if you've installed the game and want to give it a listen.

Tree of Savior’s OST is hiding in the game’s files for those interested

The Tree of Savior OST is hiding out on your HDD if you've installed the game and want to give it a listen.
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Tree of Savior‘s one-month Exclusive Access period is just over a week away, but if you’ve got the itch now you may be able to sate it with the game’s awesome soundtrack. After all, it is hiding out on your harddrive if you have the game installed.

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If you do have Tree of Savior currently installed, you can wander your way over the game’s files and take a look at its heaping BGM folder, which is delightfully packed with just about 100 music tracks to toss into your preferred music player.

The BGM folder’s default location (provided you installed Steam itself in its default location) is “C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonTreeOfSaviorreleasebgm” but if you’re feeling lazy or you don’t use Steam’s default install directory, you can get to it a different way:

  • Right click the game in Steam and select ‘Properties’
  • Click the ‘Local Files’ tab
  • Click on the ‘Browse Local Files…” button
  • Go into the ‘release’ folder
  • Go into the ‘bgm’ folder
  • ???
  • Delicious techno and trance profit!

The Tree of Savior soundtrack is composed mostly by four different composing studios: Questrosound, S.F.A., SoundTeMP, and Symphonix.

Fans of Korean MMORPGs may be familiar with SoundTeMP (composers for Ragnarok Online) and S.F.A. (comprised of ex-SoundTeMP, did the OST for Granado Espada), but the Symphonix and Questrosound tracks on the Tree of Savior OST are nothing to scoff at either.

Tree of Savior is set to release for free to all players on April 28th, but hyped fans and curious spectators with money to throw around can get into the game a month early during the Exclusive Access period, beginning next week on March 29th.

Entry into the month-long Exclusive Access period costs between $9.99 and $49.99 on Steam, with a total of three purchase tiers to choose from. The highest tier gets the most in-game swag, while the lowest gives a proportionate amount of TP (cash shop money) and the same access.

Check out Tree of Savior on Steam, get it installed, and ponder over whether you want to throw money at it early or not. If you’re into old-style party-reliant MMORPG grinders or even ARPGs, it’s pretty much a must-play.

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