Wondering who to build your team around in Triangle Strategy? These are the best characters in the game.

Triangle Strategy: Best Characters Tier List

Wondering who to build your team around in Triangle Strategy? These are the best characters in the game.
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Building the best possible team early on in Triangle Strategy may be a difficult task, as many of the top characters come around later in the game. Still, you can do really well with some of the starting characters and make up the rest of your party using additional recruits further on.

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This Triangle Strategy guide will focus only on the best characters in the game, the ones you should focus on recruiting as quickly as possible. You will learn about their abilities and when you can recruit them for your team.

Triangle Strategy: S-Tier Characters

Anna Pascal

  • Class: Spy
  • Weapon: Iron Dagger

Anna can easily become an invaluable member of any team due to her Act Twice ability, which allows her to perform two actions during a single turn. But note that this does not relate to her moves, as she can only move once per turn.

Her second-best ability is Take Cover, which makes her invisible for two turns. This effect remains unbroken until you decide to attack or face an enemy directly. You can recruit Anna Pascal at the end of Chapter 1.

Roland Glenbrook

  • Class: Spear Knight
  • Weapon: Lance

Roland is a king of mobility, as he can move through multiple squares, deal damage to distant enemies, and even push them back several squares away.

His best ability is Flash of Steel, which allows him to strike with his spear any enemy within five squares. If you still can’t reach your target, then use his Rush skill, which allows him to run through four squares and strike enemies within three more squares.

You can get this excellent DPS character right before the Exploration segment of Chapter 2 begins.

A-Tier Characters

Benedict Pascal

  • Class: Tactician
  • Weapon: Cane Sword

Any team will sooner or later need the help of a solid support character, and Benedict is indispensible throughout the entire game, giving him a spot on this best characters tier list.

Benedict has several excellent skills that raise both the magical and physical defenses of allies, but his two best abilities are Now! and Twofold Turn. The first allows him to rearrange the turns of allies, and the second grants any ally two actions next turn.

But the best part about Benedict is that he joins your party by default at the start of the game.

Erador Ballentine

  • Class: Shieldbearer
  • Weapon: Kite Shield

Although Erador may not have the best abilities, he can be an excellent tank in combination with Benedict’s Bulwark ability, which raises Erador’s physical and magical defenses for three turns.

On top of that, Erador automatically counterattacks all hits coming from adjacent enemies, which can make things way easier for the rest of your crew.

You can recruit Erador Ballentine during Chapter 1.

Hughette Bucklar

  • Class: Hawkbow
  • Weapon: Shortbow

While Roland can reach pretty far with the help of his mobility skills, it would be wise to recruit at least one true ranged character for your team, such as Hughette.

Her best ability is Shadowstitching Arrow, which not only deals physical damage to a distant enemy, but also immobilizes them for two turns. This opens up a whole window of opportunities for the whole team.

Hughette can join your team before the Exploration segment of Chapter 2.

B-Tier Characters

Julio Wrightman

  • Class: Advisor
  • Weapon: Curved Blade

All characters in Triangle Strategy are highly dependant on TP in order to execute their skills properly. So Julio may not be the strongest character in the game, but he is definitely very useful. He is the one who can supply your allies with extra TP.

His two best skills are Finish Them! and Inheritor. The first grants an ally two TP points with no drawbacks, and the second can transfer all of Julio’s TPs to an ally if needed be.

The only way to recruit Julio is through Character Stories.

Narve Oparyn

  • Class: Sage
  • Weapon: Oak Rod

Healers can be of great help to all party members, and if they can help with other things too, then its even better. That’s what puts Narve on our best characters tier list.

Narve can use Sanctuary ability to heal all allies at once, and then produce a Whirlwind, which not only deals magical damage to all enemies in an AoE fashion, but also changes their orientation.

Just like Julio, Narve can be accessed only via Character Stories.

Geela Breisse

  • Class: Physician
  • Weapon: Rod

If you can’t get Narve, or you feel the need for the healer as soon as possible, then consider Geela, who can be recruited during the first chapter.

You can grant HP either to one ally with Mend Wounds, or provide heals for all party members with the help of her Sanctuary spell. In both cases you will be well protected from the incoming damage.

Those are the best characters in Triangle Strategy. Though these are who we consider prime team candidates, there are others that may better fit your playstyle. Learn how to recruit all characters here. And if you are looking for a class promotion system guide, then follow the highlighted link.

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