Triangle Strategy: How to Recruit All Characters

Triangle Strategy recruitment is a confusing process if it's your first time playing. Here's how to get every character in your squad.

Triangle Strategy recruitment is a bit of a mystery, at least on your first playthrough. Characters are tied to important choices you make, and it’s never certain which decisions may lead you down which path.

That goes double when you factor in characters tied to the game’s Convictions system, the finer details of which remain blocked off until your second playthrough. This Triangle Strategy recruitment guide clears through the fog and breaks down what you need to do for each character.

How to Recruit All Characters in Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy has two recruitment methods. The first is automatic, as a handful of new units join your cause as part of the main story. The second is a bit more complex and involves the opaque – until New Game Plus – Convictions system. Most of Triangle Strategy’s recruitable characters become available in Character Stories after you meet their Conviction requirements. 

View their side stories from the world map, and they’ll automatically join. The problem is you can’t see your current status in the three Conviction categories, – Liberty, Morality, and Utility – until you’ve cleared the game once, so it’s a bit of a guessing game until then. 

Triangle Strategy Story Recruits

These are the characters you’ll add automatically during the campaign. Since most of these join during some of Triangle Strategy’s branching missions, you won’t be able to recruit every character in one playthrough. Note that some story spoilers follow in this list.

Chapter 3 Characters

  • Rudolph the archer: Visit Aesfrost instead of Hyzante
  • Corentin the ice mage: Visit Hyzante instead of Aesfrost

Chapter 11 Characters

Your choices in this chapter won’t bear fruit until Chapter 15.

  • Travis the bandit: Deliver the Rosellans
  • Trish, the bandit’s daughter: Defend the Rosellans

Chapter 15 Characters

This chapter is also when you'll have either Travis or Trish join your group.

  • Milo the dancer: Return to Wolffort’s demesne
  • Cordelia the cleric: Remain in Whiteholm

Chapter 17 Characters

  • Avlora: Only if you’ve unlocked the Golden Ending

Triangle Strategy Optional Characters

The bulk of Triangle Strategy’s characters are optional and can only be recruited if you meet their Conviction requirements. Story progress seemingly doesn’t matter here. You can recruit Julio as early as Chapter 5, for example, or as late as Chapter 12. The Character Stories prompt will appear on the map screen when a new one is available to view.


  • Aptitude: Can cast spells of any element
  • Recruitment: 110 Morality, 275 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Can create copies of herself and enhances the range of attack items
  • Recruitment: 450 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Reduces enemy TP and gives your units extra TP
  • Recruitment: 275 Morality, 110 Utility


  • Aptitude: Can heal allies and herself when performing a follow-up attack
  • Recruitment: 275 Utility, 110 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Lays traps and turrets, can place ladders for easier climbing
  • Recruitment: 450 Morality


  • Aptitude: Uses items twice in one turn and enhances the effectiveness of healing items
  • Recruitment: 500 Morality, 400 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Uses strong, far-reaching lightning and wind magic
  • Recruitment: 400 Utility, 500 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Can provoke enemies or convince them to leave the battlefield
  • Recruitment: 400 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Increased range for bow attacks and deals higher damage to foes that are further away
  • Recruitment: 400 Morality, 500 Utility


  • Aptitude: Can pass behind enemies and performs a counter after evading close-range attacks
  • Recruitment: 1,050 Utility, 750 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Draws enemy attacks and has boosted defense when attacked from the front 
  • Recruitment: 1,050 Morality, 750 Liberty


  • Aptitude: Can increase ally speed and rewind time to the previous turn
  • Recruitment: 1,600 Utility


  • Aptitude: Immune to status ailments and uses skills that take effect based on the target’s HP
  • Recruitment: 1,600 Morality


  • Aptitude: Abilities take effect depending on the tile targeted
  • Recruitment: 1,600 Liberty

That's all you need to know about recruitment and recruiting all characters in Triangle Strategy. Depending on your playstyle, some are better than others. See our tier list here for more. You'll also need to promote squad members, and we talk about that over here. For more, make sure to check out our other Triangle Strategy guides.


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Published Mar. 11th 2022

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