Class promotion in Triangle Strategy involves farming a few key items. Here's everything you need to know.

Triangle Strategy Class Promotion System Explained

Class promotion in Triangle Strategy involves farming a few key items. Here's everything you need to know.
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Understanding Triangle Strategy‘s class promotion system is key to improving your chances on the battlefield, though it’s not something you learn much about until well into your adventure. Changing classes unlocks a few chapters into the game, though you’ll need to do a bit of grinding if you want to promote everyone in your party.

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This Triangle Strategy guide will tell you when you gain access to the various tiers of the class promotion system, as well as what items you’ll need to actually promote characters. 

How Does Class Promotion Work in Triangle Strategy?

Class promotion involves using a specific item once a unit reaches a certain level, and the system won’t unlock until one of your characters reaches Level 10. That’s roughly around Chapter 5 or Chapter 6 if you’re not grinding much. You need a Medal of Bravery to promote a unit to its intermediate class.

Once you’ve met both requirements for class promotion, speak to the Sundry Shop owner in the Encampment – the one where you can spend Kudos – and choose to promote the unit.

The next class promotion unlocks when a unit reaches Level 20. This time, you’ll need a Medal of Valor, but the process is still the same. Speak with the Sundry Shop owner, choose a unit to promote, and boom: you’ve got an elite class. Triangle Strategy has no branching class system, so the class choices on offer with the class promotion system are all you get.

When to Promote Classes in Triangle Strategy

As soon as you can. Unlike other tactics games, such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses, there’s no benefit to remaining in a basic or intermediate class longer than you have to. Using the class promotion system to advance classes adds more TP to your meter, which means more chances to use special skills. It also boosts stats and unlocks more abilities to learn, so not promoting only harms your team.

How to Get Medal of Bravery and Medal of Valor in Triangle Strategy for Class Promotion

The Sundry Shop sells both the Medal of Bravery and the Medal of Valor, though you can also obtain them as Spoils in combat. So far, it seems like there’s a chance of either Medal dropping in any fight, whether it’s a mental one for grinding or an actual story battle.

Give a character the Golden Pinky Ring – Lionel, if you want to grab some extra money with each set of Spoils earned – to increase the chances of Spoils dropping. The ring is available for purchase at the encampment for 5,000 coins.

Since it takes time and grinding, you’re better off deciding ahead of time which members you want to improve through class promotion. It’s also worth noting class promotion is entirely separate from weapon upgrades. Your stats benefit from class promotion, but you’ll still want to invest in weapon upgrades as well.

That’s all you need to know about Triangle Strategy class promotion, but stick around for more Triangle Strategy guides in the coming days.

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