Troubleshooting Online Connection Issues in Tekken 7

A quick solution to lost connection issues during ranked matches in Tekken 7.

A quick solution to lost connection issues during ranked matches in Tekken 7.

Since the release of Tekken 7, many players have experienced connection problems in online matches. The real issue here is not the online connection itself, but the buggy matchmaking system implemented in Tekken 7.

This was recently confirmed by the game’s director, Katsuhiro Harada, on his Twitter account. Currently, the Bandai Namco is working on fixing this matchmaking issue in Tekken 7.

But what do you do before the patch arrives? Actually, there is a way around this problem. All you need to do is follow this simple guide.

How to Fix Your Online Connection in Tekken 7

Step 1: Adjust Your Connection Quality

When you choose either the Warm-Up or Match List option in the Ranked Match menu, the game will offer you the option to adjust two settings before searching for your opponent: 

  • Rank Restrictions
  • Connection Quality

Set both of the connectivity options to “Any.” This option will not restrict your search to a specific opponent. Instead, it will widen the search area and find a match-up must faster. 

Step 2: Confirm the Choice in the Lobby

As soon as you begin searching for an opponent, the Tekken 7 will ask you to wait for the right match-up in the matchmaking Lobby. If you’ve adjusted your Rank Restrictions and Connection Quality correctly, you will find an opponent in just a minute or two (give or take).

When the game finally finds the right match-up for you, the “You’ve been Challenged!” menu will pop up, and you must choose “Yes” in order for the servers to connect you to the given match-up without any connection issues.

The official fix for the match-making system should arrive soon, which will then allow you to restrict your search options without losing your connection or experiencing any online connection issues. But f, r now just enjoy the game in its current state, and if you need any other guides on Tekken 7, check them right here:

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