Trove Guide: Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Want to know all about the voxel mmo, Trove? Then, check out my in-depth beginner's guide!

Trove is a voxel game like Minecraft, but with MMO elements such as classes and special skills. Not only can you craft items and build a base, you can fight enemies and do dungeons as one of the many classes in the game.

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There are tutorials in the game, but they don’t always explain everything you need to know. You can switch between building and fighting in an instant, and they both compliment each other. This guide will go over everything a beginner will need to know and things even veterans have missed.

This guide will go over everything about starting in Trove including:

  • Game Basics – How the game works and basic controls.
  • Cornerstone and Crafting – Your home and what you can build there.
  • Adventurers and Dungeons – The classes and fighting you can do in Trove.
  • Extra Tips – Things you may have missed in the tutorial and tips from personal experience.

Game Basics

Trove is split into 2 parts, building and adventuring. When you begin you pick a class to start with and go through the tutorial.


Here are the default controls:

  • You move with the WASD keys and move your mouse to move the camera.
  • Q uses the flask you have equipped.
  • E interacts with the world and picks up loot by holding it down.
  • Left mouse button uses primary attack in adventure mode and places an item in build mode.
  • Right mouse button uses first ability in adventure mode and mines in build mode.
  • 1 uses second ability in adventure mode.
  • 2 uses ultimate ability in adventure mode.
  • Tab switches between adventure and build mode.
  • Spacebar makes you jump
    • Look at your stats by pressing C and clicking the green Stats button. The jump stat is how many times you can jump before landing, so if you have a high jump stat, you can reach high places without any help.

The game is split into worlds. You’ll always start in the Hub world. This world has portals to other places based on level.

  • The higher level the portal, the better the loot is and stronger the enemies are, so aim to go into a portal at your level.
  • You cannot go into a portal that is higher level than you.

Your character has 4 main equips: Hat, Weapon, Face, and Ring. These all give stats to make your character better.

Trove equips

  • The flask slot lets you change flasks if you can. Flasks heal you.
  • The emblem slots next to flask change how flasks work.
  • The ally slot equips an ally to follow you around and give you stats.

There are 3 types of currency in Trove:

  • Glim – Simple and easiest to get in-game currency. You get this while going around the world, defeating enemies, or doing dungeons. Use this to trade with shops in Treasure isles and the hub world.
  • Cubits – Harder to get in-game currency. You get these by raising your mastery level and completing tutorial challenges.
    • Mastery is your account level. You raise it by doing almost anything in the game from crafting to completing dungeons. Each mastery level unlock something like cubits or increased health for example.
    • The main use of this is unlocking more classes. Check out my How to Unlock New Classes in Trove guide for more information.
  • Credits – This is a currency you get by spending real world money outside of the game. You can unlock classes and buy several things from the in-game shop.

Cornerstone and Crafting

When in an adventure world, go to the gray areas with a question mark sign next to it. These are cornerstones.

Trove cornerstone

Cornerstones are where you build your base/home and craft things. The best part about cornerstones is that it saves your setup and you can move it to any other spot that is not being used.

This means you can go around fighting and doing dungeons, then find a nearby spot to put your cornerstone. Cornerstones start with a Novice Crafting Bench, Barbershop, and Rejuvenation Station.

  • Barbershops let you change the look of your character and rejuvenation stations refill your flasks.
  • Novice crafting bench lets you craft a few helpful items and other types of crafting benches.
    • Loot Collector – Put equips in here that you don’t need, or want to put in your collection. It destroys them and gives you materials, plus if you didn’t have it in your collection, it adds it.
    • Items in collection can be used to change the way your equips look, just open your character menu then click on the space below the equip.
      • For example – If you have a penguin face in your collection, but  mask equipped, you can make your mask look like the penguin face by using the collection.
    • Ringcrafting Bench – Lets you craft rings if you have the required materials.
    • Personal Chest – Lets you store more items than you can fit in your inventory
    • Adventurer’s Crafting Bench – Makes a bench where you can craft helpful things for adventure mode.
    • Builder’s Crafting Bench – Makes a bench where you can craft helpful things in build mode.

I suggest crafting all the benches as soon as you can because they have many helpful and required things. Below are some things you should focus on crafting first.

Adventurer’s Crafting Bench
  • Class Changer – When you unlock more than one class, use this to change classes. The hub world has some free, but crafting one in your cornerstone lets you switch classes without going back to the Hub world.
  • Forge – This lets you upgrade your gear to make it stronger.
Builder’s Crafting Bench
  • Workbench – Lets you craft decorations for your cornerstone.
  • Club Card – Lets you make a club. Clubs are groups of players that play together. Check out my guide on How to Make a Club for more info.
    • Players must be invited to clubs.
  • When you get to level 12 and higher, there are higher level portals, but you must craft them from the Builder’s Crafting Bench.

Adventurers and Dungeons

There are 11 classes in now in Trove. I won’t go over them here, but they all have unique abilities. My How to Unlock New Classes in Trove guide explains every class in detail.

Doing Dungeons

When you go into one of the adventure portals, open the map with the M key. The gray castle icons are dungeons. Go to the place on the map, then use your compass at the top to see the exact location.

Trove world map

Each dungeon has an objective, usually defeating a boss, to complete the dungeon.

  • When you do this, a chest drops that you must destroy to get the loot inside.
  • You also get a lot of experience points for completing dungeons.

The large dungeons usually have more objectives and a harder boss at the end. Each objective gives a chest and the last boss usually gives better items.

Recipe dungeons give a single recipe as the loot for completing it.

  • You can either learn the recipe, which lets you build something new, or put it in the loot collector to get a scroll.
  • Scrolls are required for crafting certain things.

If you lose all your health, you teleport back to the hub or your cornerstone if you set one up. 

Each class has its own level, and all gear that drops will be for the class you are using at the time.

Extra Tips

You get cubits by doing tutorial challenges and that’s a good way to unlock classes without spending real money.

  • I suggest researching classes ahead of time to plan the first 1 or 2 classes to unlock and stick with one of them for a while.
    • Leveling up one class to a high level allows you to complete more challenges, get more mastery points, and unlock classes faster.

Shadow Arenas can drop some very good gear and materials for high level crafting and upgrades. Up to 8 people can go into a shadow arena, but only one person needs a key to unlock it.

  • Shadow Arenas appear randomly in Uber Worlds (Level 10+).

Trove shadow arena

You start with a mount and can unlock or craft faster mounts. Just press Z to get on your mount.

  • This makes travelling to dungeons a lot faster.

Build a Trading Post if you want to trade with other players in the world. The hub world also has one.

  • This lets you securely trade with players if there are other people around.

This wraps up my Beginner’s Tips and Tricks for Trove. Let me know if you have any questions or other tips for playing Trove.

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