Tutorial for Video Reviews

Writing isn't the only outlet for your ideas!

Writing isn't the only outlet for your ideas!

There is no one way of doing a video.  I personally am using Camtasia Studio to record and edit my videos. Its yet to give me any problems except it doesn’t allow you to record in full screen.  I can’t think of a single PC game that doesn’t have the option of windowed mode except maybe demos.

  • I record my desired game play video using the Camtasia recording software with the recording inputs of webcam and audio turned off.

  • You can set to full screen record which means its just recording your full screen  that it is recording a full-screened application, or you can set it to a custom size by entering in the pixel by pixel size desired or adjusting the corners that the recording displays around your screen
  • Open your file with the Camtasia video editing software.  It’s just like any other video editing software (like Windows Movie Maker or Adobe Premier) and you can add transitions or other effects. You can also add many useful tools; for example, layering allows you to lock your video layer and only edit your sound layer.

  • While in the editing software, I begin recording my audio with the Windows default sound recorder and placing each audio file in the correct order.

  • Though this is just one of many ways of accomplishing this.  For example, you can just record your voice along with the recording of the video, that is if you are confident enough in your ability to discuss ideas while trying not to die in-game.


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