Two Dots Guide: Connect the Dots

Tips to help you find the square and lose the dots!

Tips to help you find the square and lose the dots!

Two Dots is one of the top games in the App Store at the moment and is the sequel to Dots which received over 20 million downloads last year. Two Dots is fun for those who have never played and those who are familiar with the original.

Two Dots has one main way to score, to clear a determined number of specific colored dots in a certain amount of moves. Moving up a ladder of levels you work your way to more difficult levels and have to play your moves wisely. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t get gridlocked. 

If all else fails, draw a square!

Drawing a square clears out all the dots of the same color, so when you can, find four dots of the same color and connect them. This will greatly improve your score without making it too hard to complete the puzzle.

Even if you don’t need anymore of a specific color: if you find a square – clear it! If you keep clearing the squares you’ll set yourself up for a great combo with a color you actually need. 

Start Clearing from the Bottom

Clearing from the bottom allows new dots to fall on top and more chances to set up a great combo. This also makes the board change a lot more than if you took from the top, shuffling it.

If things are not looking good, it might be worthwhile to force a reshuffle to give yourself a better look. You might lose a couple of moves but in the long run it’s better than starting the thing over and losing a heart. 

Play Until the End

It is better to play until the end of every level especially if you can complete it. If your goal is to get three stars or the perfect score, complete the match and consider it practice for the real thing. There’s no sense in losing hearts for quitting a game too soon. 

Repeat Levels to Get More Points

Going back to replay older levels can help boost your score especially since your juices will be flowing after completing some of the complex levels higher up the ladder. 

Take Your Time

Two Dots doesn’t have a time limit! It’s okay to take your time and calculate your moves carefully, doing so will help you clear stages faster in the long run anyways because you won’t have to go back and try for that third star. 

The app is fun and most levels are beatable given enough practice and time. Move your way up the levels and you will find that even though the levels are harder the strategies stay the same. 

Two Dots is available now for iOS. Get your free app today and tell us what helped you complete levels below.

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