Uncharted 4 – Five tips to turn the tables and crush the Savior Trial on Crushing

Savior Trial on Crushing? Piece of cake. Shoot to kill with heavy weapons and let your medic do the work.

Savior Trial on Crushing? Piece of cake. Shoot to kill with heavy weapons and let your medic do the work.

Uncharted 4 is packed with fun multiplayer goodies, including player vs. NPC competitive matches that house 10 challenging trials.

Many have claimed one of the trials – the Savior Trial – to be literally impossible on Crushing difficulty. While it may be the most frustrating part of the game thus far, we’ve devised five essential tips to keep you from tearing your luscious hair out.

1. Get a heavy weapon for the $100 bonus per kill

Why try to kill 30 enemies when you can kill 15? The extra cost per purchase is worth it for a heavy weapon, and the bodies go down a lot faster too. Popular choices are the Condor with 6 bullets per purchase at $700, and the Barok .44 Revolver with 6 bullets per purchase at $450. Both are 1-2 hit kills, which equates to around $600 per purchase towards your cash score.

2. Mix the revives with heavy weapon and standard kills

A good, strategic balance is required when you’re out to reach the $5000 goal. If there’s a revive nearby, make it your objective. And while your medic is at work, don’t just stand there – get that cash and start shooting! Once you’ve cleared the area, look for more revives, and if there aren’t any, take the fight to ’em.

3. Know where the treasure is, but don’t make it one of your goals

For an easy $200 per treasure, try to remember where they’re hidden. If you’re nearby one, grab it. However, don’t make it a personal goal to try to get all of them – you’re better off saving lives and shooting to kill. 

4. Keep close to your teammates; Always let the medic revive

Stay close. Your teammates will eventually go down, so it’s best to help them back up as fast as you can. More importantly, let your medic handle the pressure of reviving them. Provide cover and take down the reds while you get a passive $200 from the revival.

5. If there are two teammates down nearby each other…

…Go for the revival on one while your medic handles the other, only if all enemies are down in the area. You need to do it fast for the quick $200 – hesitate and that precious second could lead a bullet right in your back.

What are some tips you would like to share about Savior Trial in Crushing difficulty?

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