Uncharted: Fortune Hunter isn't too difficult, but these tips and tricks will make it even easier to unlock content.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter – Tips and Tricks

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter isn't too difficult, but these tips and tricks will make it even easier to unlock content.
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Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is a brand new mobile game released on iOS and Android systems ahead of the launch of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The newly released title is a puzzle game with over 200 levels to complete. The main basis for these puzzles is to obtain a key to each level, which has treasure scattered throughout. 

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You should know, this puzzle game will unlock content in Uncharted 4!

Basic Tips:

  • Some of the switches in the game can be triggered at a distance by making use of Nathan’s firearm. Shooting said firearm does not use up any game moves, so you can remain stationary and test out different switch combinations.
  • Spots that can be triggered by a switch will be completely blank when you begin the level. Once you trigger them, however, a symbol appears so you know which switches control which squares. These symbols will remain whether you start the level over again or not.

Key Bonus:

  • Every single level in the game can be accomplished within a certain number of moves or less. If you complete said level in less moves, then you can earn a key, which will access loot.

Mystical Orbs:

  • Mystical Orbs allow the player to revive Nathan and continue playing, instead of restarting an entire level.
  • You can purchase these Orbs, win them, or unlock them throughout the game.
  • If you die after picking up an Orb, it will remain in your inventory.


  • Some levels have treasure involved in the puzzles. You can sometimes pick up the treasure and complete the level in one run, though it may take many. A good way to go about this is by focusing on the treasure key, then replay the level once more to unlock the treasure without having to worry about your moves.
  • Some of the treasure in the game will be hidden underneath of strategically-placed rocks. To spot these, find the faint bluish glowing coming from underneath.

Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is a great time-waster for those awaiting tomorrow’s release. Utilize these tips and tricks to unlock new content faster!

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