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10 Upcoming Tactical RPGS Like Wartales to Play in 2024

These games can fill that tactical RPG hole left by Wartales.

Wartales is one of my favorite tactics games. Its story is intriguing, and it has challenging gameplay that rewards good strategy. With the Pirates of Belerion DLC, you can uncover buried treasure and become king of the seas. Here are 10 upcoming tactical RPGs like Wartales to play in 2024.

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What are the 10 Best Tactical RPGs Releasing in 2024 Like Wartales?

10. Howl (PlayStation and Xbox Release)

Howl is a tactics-based folklore RPG originally released on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023. And it finally made its way to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on January 23.

While Howl doesn’t outright mention its inspirations, it’s hard not to draw parallels between it and Little Red Riding Hood. You play as a little girl, and the enemies are wolves. That simple premise gives way to more complicated mechanics, where you c an predict the actions of your enemies up to six turns in advance. In that way, it’s similar to Chess. Utilizing skills, bombs, and your crossbow, you attempt to survive the game’s 60 levels. Did I mention its whimsical, hand-drawn art style is completely different than other games in the genre?

9. Zoria Age of Shattering

Zoria Age of Shattering is the game on this list I’m most looking forward to, and it launches on March 7, 2024, for PC. Unlike other tactics titles, there’s no restricted movement here. You dash around during combat to utilize the terrain to your advantage. And whereas Wartales is more grounded in realism, Zoria leans into fantasy elements, including magic.

Though a relatively small detail, I also love that Zoria‘s exploration is from the third-person perspective, letting us see all of its towns and locations from a different perspective during exploration. Where Wartales has a top-down map view, Zoria‘s is much more engaging.

8. Crown Wars The Black Prince

Crown Wars The Black Prince is a strategy RPG with turn-based tactics combat also releasing on March 7, 2024. This one’s coming to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms. As a darkness creeps into the world, nefarious forces begin to rise against you. You recruit different soldiers to form a company of heroes to keep the evil at bay.

This is perhaps the one title on this list that’s the most similar to Wartales. It’s set in a medieval world, with dark and gritty locations. Battles employ grid-based movement, with aim lines for ranged attacks. And the characters can carry various weapons, from bows to swords to guns.

Though the design and combat mechanics are similar, the open-world travel sets this apart. Instead of crossing the terrain to go to specific locations, it utilizes a world map to choose your next stop. I’m excited to see how this one compares to Wartales once I get to try it out myself.

7. Manor Lords

Even though Manor Lords is primarily a city builder, it also features large-scale battles between your forces and other lords’ battalions. Each combat scenario requires deft consideration of the natural elements, your militia’s fatigue, the condition of their equipment, and other tactical decisions. Even if you win, each loss of life may hinder the overall well-being of your city, requiring a long-term strategy to be in place before you defer to battle. Get ready for battle on April 26, 2024, for PC and Xbox.

6. King Arthur Legion IX

Legion IX is connected to and expands upon the world created in King Arthur Knight’s Tale. Here, you can take the path of redemption or embrace your dark side as the undead Roman commander, Gaius Julius Mento. The best part? It’s turn-based combat in a dark and intriguing fantasy setting.

Back from the dead, you battle the forces of Christianity, the Round Table, and local Pict tribes in a setup that reminds me a lot of Blasphemous. Combat is based upon grid movement, and selecting abilities is much like Wartales. When not fighting, the game is more of a traditional RPG centered around character motivations and decisions. It’s set to release sometime in Q1 2024 on PC.

5. Bellwright

Release Date: Q1 2024

While the game doesn’t yet have a firm launch date, strategy survival game Bellwright already looks like something I’m going to love — and something that other turn-based players should be excited about. Set in a medieval fantasy world, Bellwright puts you in the shoes of someone framed for the prince’s murder. But you’ve escaped execution.

There are tactical battles throughout as assassins and bounty hunters track you down. Not only that, but rival landowners will descend upon your budding settlement, eager to take your town for themselves. Described as “fun but challenging directional combat, similar to games like Mount & Blade or For Honor“, Bellwright requires wits if you want to protect your land. It’s set to release on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms in Q1 2024.

4. Plague Lords

Plague Lords and the expansion Witch Hunt have been in the works for some time now. Originally slated for a 2022 Early Access release, the game was pushed back to 2024. Forgoing EA, the full game will launch during the summer of 2024 (hopefully) for PC.

Steeped in strategy, with larger scale battles to small skirmishes, combat in Plague Lords can occur at any time of day or night, so preparing for all situations is crucial. Your team can only equip three different weapons, though one of them is a Construction Hammer. Plan your attacks carefully, though. Each death is permanent, and only battle experience levels up your troupe.

On top of the fighting, you must manage a settlement and ensure the inhabitants keep producing resources. There are 30 different Professions you can assign to your villagers, along with 40 different buildings to choose from for your fledgling city. The aesthetics are reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon, but it has its own unique charm.

3. Lost in the Open

Lost in the Open is a turn-based roguelite tactics game finishing development. The developers hope to release if on PC sometime in Q3 2024. It has a hex-based grid combat system with harsh consequences for picking the wrong route through the world. You must weigh each possible outcome throughout your journey.

Play revolves around a dethroned King, where you need all the strategies you can muster to keep him alive. Enemies consistently flank your party, and there’s no magic to heal or guard him. Using only swords, shields, and bows, break through enemy ranks and run, or be prepared to offer hefty bribes for your life.

2. Zodiac Legion

Zodiac Legion is a turn-based tactics game featuring a hex grid layout. Here, you explore ruins, take down enemy knights, and try to rebuild the Zodiac Order. It’s also part base-builder, where you must beef up your stronghold’s defenses, research new skills from the skill book, practice magic, and craft equipment.

You can pick from a variety of recruits to send on different missions, whether it’s to hold your base’s borders or attempt negotiations. Combat can be as straightforward as defeating the enemy or as in-depth as using magic to split enemy forces. The environment itself is interactable, with destructible walls you can use as shortcuts. It’s set to release much later in 2024 for PC.

1. New Arc Line

Release Date: 2024

If you’re open to trying a tactical RPG not in a fantasy or medieval setting, New Arc Line is the one you want to check out. It has gritty Steampunk locations, tesla weapons, and a zeppelin. The graphics look absolutely amazing, and a different theme gives us a nice change of pace.

You recruit teammates from six different character classes, each with two subclasses. There are a variety of abilities to utilize, including magic and steampunk technology. Combat doesn’t appear to be grid-based, using free movement to employ different strategies besides head-on fighting.

As the game nears its intended release date sometime in 2024, I’m sure we’ll learn more about the combat mechanics and just how tactical it is.

That’s my list of the 10 best tactical RPGs to play in 2024 that are similar to Wartales. Releasing throughout the year, you can strategize your way to victory regardless of the month. For more on these titles, check out our game pages. If you still need some help in Wartales, we have an extensive guides hub to assist you.

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