Use HTML tags to name your weapons.

Use HTML tags to name your guns in Fallout 4

Use HTML tags to name your weapons.

Did ever feel the need to give your freshly-crafted Fallout 4 weapon some jazz? Well guess what you’re in luck. Twitter user @shadowmar has stumbled upon a neat feature in Fallout 4 (the vanilla version) that allows you to use basic HTML tags such as italicize, bold, underline, or list-bullet point to had a little oomph to your weapon title.

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This trick also seems to apply to console versions of the game as well. There is no need for a closing bracket either, for HTML savvy readers. Simply type , , “gun name” (or any combination of the three) to achieve your stylized name: gun name.

Watch the video below to see this trick in action as well. Play around and see what you guys can do, which tags work and which ones don’t. So far I’ve tested the tags mentioned above, I intend on pushing what you can do.

Comment below with your own weapon name and styles, and always stay posted here at GameSkinny for more Fallout 4 coverage.

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