best abilities tier list in v rising
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V Rising Ability Tier List

Here's my V Rising ability tier list.

Your Vampire in V Rising will unlock various shapeshifting abilities and blood powers as you defeat V Blood bosses throughout the game. While there are plenty of them to unlock, some are much better than others for PVE and PVP. Here’s my V Rising ability tier list.

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Best V Rising Abilities Ranked

bat form in v rising
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S Tier

Similar to my spell tier list, I included essential vampiric abilities and shapeshifting forms for both PVP and PVE in S Tier. You’ll always be using these abilities in the late-game as they’re a core part of the mechanics for both combat and movement:

  • Blood Mend: This is your default healing ability that you’ll always be using.
  • Bat Form: Excellent for PVP raids where you can fly into enemy castles from weird angles to disable their defenses or the Castle Heart if you don’t want to use Siege Golem form. It’s also quite useful for exploration since you can fly. You get it from Lord Styx the Night Champion, a Level 83 V Blood Carrier.
  • Dominate Mount: The fastest way to travel apart from teleportation. You’ll switch from Wolf Form to this once you unlock it by upgrading your Castle Heart to Level 4.

A Tier

In A Tier, there are powerful PVE and PVP abilities you’ll use regularly that are just slightly less powerful than those in S Tier:

  • Dominate Human: The core resource generation ability and a way for you to get servants to defend your castle. You unlock it via the Servants main quest. Arguably, this belongs in S Tier when it comes to the late game, especially in PVP.
  • Expose Vein: One of the core co-op features is to share blood with allies who are low. They’ll also get your blood quality.
  • Wolf Form: Your starting movement power that you’ll use well until you reach Dominate Mount.
bear form in v rising
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B Tier

Here we have some decent abilities that are more situational and aren’t as powerful as S and A Tier ones. Still, in the specific situations that call for these skills, they shine:

  • Human Form: Required for trading with merchants in hostile markets. You unlock it by defeating Bane the Shadowblade, who’s disguised as a human in Dunley’s Farmlands.
  • Bear Form: Required for breaking down Quincy’s wall and some large resource batches. I also used it in the early game to heal, but that becomes obsolete once you craft a lot of HP potions.
  • Rat Form: Occasionally useful in the early to mid-game to hide from higher-level patrols.

C Tier

Down here in C Tier, we have some features that are interesting and evocative but have no grander purposes and are usually obsolete in most scenarios:

  • Spider Form: Allows you to hide from sunlight but you’re usually just switching from shadow to shadow either way.
  • Toad Form: The Toad form had so much potential for climbing higher areas or making alternative entrances for yourself that are vertical. However, in its current state, it’s just a fun form to show off to lower-level friends with no impactful purpose.
  • Blood Hunger: It’s a quality-of-life feature. You can just hover over enemies and check their blood quality.

That’s it for my V Rising ability tier list. For more V Rising guides, check out my armor tier list.

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