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V Rising Capes Tier List — Best Cloaks Ranked

Here are the best capes in V Rising ranked and how to find them.

Capes are a unique equipment piece that grants you stats but, unlike other armor pieces, doesn’t increase your gear level. You’ll find progressively better ones as you venture through V Rising, so here’s what to look out for. Here’s my V Rising capes tier list.

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Best Capes in V Rising

I’ll rank cloaks across four tiers, from S being the best and C being situational. Like V Rising armor, they are separated into groups in terms of the early-game, mid-game, and late-game cloaks. Unlike armor, each group has the same stats with different visuals. I’ll also include tips within each group on how to find cloaks from that group.

S Tier Capes

The best cloaks in V Rising provide you +15 to all resistances, which are Sun, Garlic, Silver, Fire, and Holy. You’ll also get +24 max health. These cloaks are:

  • Crimson Ward
  • Immortal King’s Mantle (DLC)
  • Phantom’s Veil
  • Razer Serpent Mantle
  • Royal Mantle of the Ashfolk Kings
  • Royal Veil of the Jester
  • Tail of the Archfiend

You’ll find these S Tier cloaks scattered in chests, especially golden chests, across the Silverlight Hills. What I usually do is go around the area across settlements and look for golden chests in houses, mines, or traveling caravans that you can raid. If you’re going through a consecrated area, make sure to drink a holy resistance potion to reduce the damage-over-time effect. The chance for one of the S Tier capes to spawn in golden chests is 1.11%. As for the DLC capes, you can get those by purchasing their respective DLC packages.

A Tier Capes

These are the mid-game cloaks found throughout Dunley’s Farmlands. They’ll get you +15 to Sun, Garlic, and Silver resistance as well as +18 max HP. They are as follows:

  • Ashfolk Crystal Ice Cloak
  • Ashfolk Wildfire Cloak
  • Beatrice’s Scarf
  • Cardinal’s Cloak
  • Hermit’s Shawl
  • Hunter’s Cloak
  • Immortal King’s Cloak (DLC)
  • Manna Shawl
  • Purple Feathered Cape
  • Razer Serpent Cloak
  • Thousand-Stich Cloak
  • Toki Feathered Cape
  • War-Torn Wine Cloak

The story here is pretty much the same as with the S Tier cloaks; you have to find them in chests across Dunley’s Farmlands, but there’s also a chance to get them when fishing. One of your best bets is to look for golden chests in villager houses or look for escorted caravans. I got the Ashfolk Wildfire Cloak from one such caravan. That said, you can also craft some of these through a Tailoring Bench. DLC ones are available for purchase via their DLC packs.

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B Tier Capes

In terms of cloaks with stats, we have the early-game cloaks that grant +15 Sun resistance and +12 max HP. You’ll find these in Farbane Woods inside of chests and some you can craft at a Simple Workbench. They are as follows:

  • Bloodstained Cloth
  • Chaos Stitched Drape
  • Dark Leather Cape
  • Glacial Stitched Drape
  • Immortal King’s Drape (DLC)
  • Razer Serpent Wrap
  • Tatters of the Undead
  • Traveler’s Wrap
  • Vampire Hunter’s Drape
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C Tier Capes

Finally, we have a special cloak called the Shroud of the Forest that doesn’t offer any stats but makes you immune to the Curse of the Forest. If you’re going through the Cursed Forest, this is an S Tier cloak, but otherwise, it’s just a cosmetic piece in other areas. You can craft it at a Tailoring Bench after defeating Ben the Old Wanderer. The ingredients you’ll need are Pristine Hide, Plant Fibre, and Ghost Shrooms.

That’s it for my V Rising capes tier list. For more V Rising guides, check out our best spell tier list.

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