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V Rising Character Creation: How to Change Appearance Any Time

Here's how to change appearance in V Rising at any time.

V Rising has quite a respectable character creation menu for you to fully visually customize your vampire. You can even change your appearance later in the game with a special station that I’ll go into. Here’s how to change appearance any time in V Rising.

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How to Change Appearance in V Rising

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You can change your appearance in V Rising at any time using the Mirror station. You unlock the recipe for Mirrors by completing a quest in your journal titled “The First Book in the Library.” It’s right after “Thirst for Power,” and essentially, all you have to do is construct a Research Desk for 8 Planks, 120 Rugged Hide, and 80 Stone and interact with it. Then, the Mirror station is unlocked for construction. You can craft it for just 8 Planks like you would any other structure.

From here, place the Mirror anywhere and interact with it to change your appearance in V Rising. Changing your appearance is completely free, and you can do it at any time and however many times you want as long as you have a Mirror. You can change pretty much any cosmetic aspect of your vampire. Lastly, you can even unlock new cosmetics for your Mirror, like the Omen look or the Haunted Nights look, through the Haunted Nights Castle Pack DLC.

V Rising Character Creation Options

For a quick overview, these are all the V Rising character creation options that you can tinker with both when you make your character or alter their appearance through the mirror:

  • Body Type: Masculine or Feminine.
  • Skintone: There’s a plethora of different skin options here, from fantasy colors to more realistic ones.
  • Face: This includes eyebrows, cheekbones, fangs, and more.
  • Eye Color: Again, plenty of color options here.
  • Hair Style and Color: There are plenty of hair options here, and they’re shared between the masculine and feminine body types.
  • Features: Here, you can customize your vampire’s beard styles, and they’ll share the color of your hair.
  • Accessories: Lastly, you can adorn your vampire with various trinkets like earrings or glasses for some finishing touches.

I really like that Stunlock has made visual customization so accessible with Mirrors. You can really suit your cosmetic needs on a whim. That’s it for my guide on how to change your vampire’s appearance in V Rising. For more V Rising guides, check out how to beat Dracula and what happens after.

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