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V Rising Dracula Guide How to Beat Him and What Happens After

Here's our full V Rising Dracula boss guide and what happens after the fight.

The star of the V Rising boss fight show is none other than Dracula himself as the final V Blood carrier. Beating him requires preparation and usually help from a buddy or two, but it can be done solo. Here’s our V Rising Dracula boss guide and what happens after.

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How to Beat Dracula in V Rising

To be able to challenge and fight Dracula in his castle on the easternmost point of the Ruins of Mortium, you’ll need the Blood Key. You can grab this recipe by defeating Lord Styx the Night Champion in the center of the map between Dunley’s Farmlands and Gloomrot South. With the Blood Key, go to Dracula’s castle in the Ruins of Mortium, pass through the gate, and enter the portal to begin the fight.

That said, I highly recommend you go through this pre-fight checklist first:

  • Make sure you’ve crafted the best possible armor, weapons, and trinkets for the fight. I prefer Longbows and Reapers due to their safer ranged damage.
  • Max out your blood. I recommend sustain options like Brute or Scholar since the fight is long and challenging.
  • Drink a Potion of Rage, a Witch Potion, and a Vampiric Brew before the fight and bring plenty of healing consumables like Blood Rose pots.
  • Co-op makes the fight drastically easier. An extra buddy drastically increases your DPS, and two extra players mean reviving is an option since one player can tank while the other revives you.
  • The best V Rising spells are those that increase mobility, provide sustain, and block multiple attacks here. Look for Blood Fountain, Ward of the Damned for some extra tanking mobs, the Chaos Veil for double dashes, or the Phantom Aegis with the debuff cleanse jewel since Dracula applies a nasty debuff.

Once you’re all prepared, go through the portal inside of the castle and get ready for two phases of the Dracula fight, which I’ll cover below.

Dracula Phase 1 Boss Guide

dracula boss fight phase 1
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Here are Dracula’s moves to watch out for in Phase 1:

  • Dracula is incredibly mobile with double Veil dashes and teleports. I would never stop moving in this fight so that you can dodge properly and keep track of his movement to utilize the scarce damage windows for DPS before he dashes or teleports again. Make use of that double Chaos dash.
  • Most of Dracula’s attacks will apply Vampiric Curse, which is a debuff that deals heavy damage once it ticks down. I would either time a Veil when it’s about to expire to dodge the damage or use a debuff cleanser like Blood Fountain or Phantom Aegis with the appropriate jewel.
  • Dracula’s main melee attacks are a sword thrust or an AOE slam that are both easily dodged if you time your Veil or Unholy Counter right after he dashes. Another melee attack is two to three slashes that send out vertical projectiles, which you can dodge by hiding behind a column.
  • The boss will also shoot out dual swinging boomerang-like projectiles, which you need to dodge by going toward Dracula and then back.
  • At some point in the fight, Dracula also shapeshifts into a wolf, spawning two mob wolves that you should take out ASAP. He’ll also jump in a direction toward you and quickly slash, so dash toward the point he’s jumping from to dodge.
  • When Dracula disappears, and you see a darkness effect, try to sidestep the summoned bats. Save your dodge for the end when he appears to dodge Dracula’s grab. You can kill bats for HP orbs.
  • Toward the end of Phase 1, Dracula has an AOE attack zone that draws closer to him, dealing heavy damage. However, you can dodge through it away from Dracula or wait for it to close on him and then dodge out.

Dracula Phase 2 Boss Guide

dracula boss fight phase 2 in v rising
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At around 50% HP, Dracula initiates the second phase with an explosion that doesn’t do any damage and gains a new set of empowered attacks. Then, he’ll spawn Blood Crystals that have an outer rim dealing damage and hampering your mobility:

  • I would focus on the Blood Crystals to create more room for yourself as you dodge Dracula’s attacks.
  • Watch out for AOE sword attacks that you can Veil, but I would also sidestep them to save your Veil if you’re on the edge of their AOE.
  • The ranged vertical slashes increase to four, which you can dodge by sidestepping them in a zig-zag motion.
  • When Dracula starts summoning swords that drop onto you, pause your DPS and focus on dodging them since they only last a short while.
  • Lastly, Dracula will teleport to the center of the stage splitting the area in four with walls of fire and shooting out projectiles. Simply pick a quadrant while dodging the projectiles and continue your DPS.

Patience is key in this fight since rushing in recklessly can get you one shot in some scenarios. Rinse and repeat the above patterns, and you’ll eventually beat Dracula.

What Happens After You Beat Dracula in V Rising?

Dracula is the final V Blood carrier boss, and he comes with several end-game rewards:

  • You get a neat piece of lore right after the fight that I won’t spoil.
  • You’ll get the final Soul Shard that’s all about DPS debuffs and damage to Vampires.
  • You’ll unlock end-game Dracula armor sets with four options to craft depending on if you’re going for spell or weapon buffs.
  • You’ll learn the Pedestal of Dracula recipe, which is a new station where you can store Soul Shards. Soul Shards inside of a Pedestal of Dracula don’t lose durability over time, so it’s a perfect place to keep them if you don’t want to farm Primal Blood Souls for recharges.
  • You get to see all the points of interest revealed on the map.

That’s it for my guide on how to beat Dracula in V Rising and what happens after. For more V Rising guides, check out the best Capes in the game.

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